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Have you ever found yourself wondering why nobody's buying your ranks? Or maybe what they'd most like to have added to the server?

I've found myself in these situations an awful lot in my time as a server owner. Even though you may attempt to get people to visit online forums, and ask as many people as possible in-game, you can never seem to get everyone's opinion and make it how they want. Which is why i'm developing Q-Craft.

Q-Craft is a simple questionnaire plugin. You will be able to design simple questionnaires, alert players when a new questionnaire is out, only let certain players with certain permissions answer certain questionnaires, and most importantly; get your players opinions.

Planned Features

  • Easy config to add and remove questionnaires
  • Simple storage of questionnaire results
  • Permission-specific questionnaires
  • Alerts when new questionnaires are available
  • Cash/Item rewards on completion of questionnaire
  • Admin/Staff needs to accept your entry as sensible for you to get the reward (Prevent abuse)

Please let me know of any more ideas you may have!


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