Change the rate at which all plants can grow (and die) per biome and based on natural lighting! Great for roleplaying, territory control, and economy minded servers where food is terribly overabundant and too easy to get.


The basics behind this plugin are designed to slow down or even disable the farming and growth of nearly every plant item in the game along with Biome specific support. Choose which Biomes and light level certain plant types can grow, and at what rates they can grow. You can also configure a chance that some plants will even die! (Replaced by dead bush or vine). This will make tending to massive farms more difficult, balancing your servers food economy and making the game more enjoyable for those who like a bit more realism and challenge.

Carrots, Melons, Wheat, Sugar Cane, Trees and more! The way this plugin works is that it checks for when a plant is about to grow, then based on your configuration settings it gives that growth event a chance to succeed or fail. If it fails, it also has a chance to die!

  • Looking to block farming NetherWart entirely or restrict it to the Nether only like it used to be?
  • Want to make some things like Melon farms less overpowered?
  • Want to force Cocoa to only grow in the Jungle?
  • Want to make desert growth rates lower than other areas?
  • Want to make buckets pour water like real life buckets?
  • Want to make farms be above ground and under natural lighting?

This is the plugin for you!


  • Configurable by plant type.
  • Enable, disable or set a percentage of default for each plant's growth.
  • Configure specific plant types that aren't commonly made available by other farming plugins (such as cactus, sugar cane and specific tree types)
  • Whitelist Biomes that a plant can grow in.
  • Add a configurable chance of death (plant dies and in some cases turns into a dead shrub).
  • Configurable Per Biome for each plant type.
  • Adjust the behavior of water source blocks in buckets and dispensers.
  • Configurable natural light level.
  • Give priority growth rates to certain biomes in outdoor farms while hampering growth rates in poor biomes and underground, great to get players out of their caves and into the world!


Simply place the PwnPlantGrowth.jar into your plugins folder and run your server! If you are upgrading from a previous version, it is a good idea to copy and delete your config.yml and regenerate a new one in case something has changed. (A future update will check for config file changes and errors)


Edit plugins/PwnPlantGrowth/config.yml

  • For each plant type, set the percentage from 0 to 100. 0 will disable the plant type from growing at all. 100 will allow plants to grow at their normal rate. The lower you set this number, the less likely the plant will be to grow.
  • For each plant type, set a death percentage like above. This is a chance of death only if the above fail chance is successful. For example, if growth percent is 50% and death percent is also 50%, then the overall chance a plant has of dying is 25%.
  • For each plant type, set a whitelist of biomes in which it can grow. And empty set means it can grow anywhere. Empty set looks like []
  • For each plant type, configure option specific set of biomes, with their own growth and death rates.

Detailed config.yml

Bukkit Biome List - There are a lot!


Links & Info

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  • PwnBuckets - Previously part of PwnPlantGrowth, PwnBuckets grew into it's own plugin that makes liquids (water, lava, ice blocks) behave more naturally when poured from buckets or dispensed from dispensers.
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Plugin Metrics

This plugin utilizes a plugin metrics system, which means that some information is collected and sent to

If you wish to disable this feature, you can do so by opting out, which you can do in the config file under /plugins/PluginMetrics/


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