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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.9
  • 1.8.1
  • 1.8


Changes in 3.9.0-b93

  • PointManager now works.

  • The "notify" action no longer sends one message per match. Now, one message
    is sent per permission. The last match that has a notify action for any given
    permission will be the message that is sent.

For example:

match foo
 rule FOO The Foo rule
 then notify pwnfilter.admins Player %player% has broken %ruleid%

match bar
 rule BAR The Bar rule
 then notify pwnfilter.admins Player %player% has broken %ruleid%

match baz
 rule BAZ The Baz rule
 then notify pwnfilter.baz Player %player% has broken %ruleid%

If HanzSoLow sent a message: "foo bar baz", Players with the pwnfilter.admins
permission will receive: "Player HanzSoLow has broken BAR", and players with
the pwnfilter.baz permission will receive "Player HanzSoLow has broken BAZ".
Players with both permissions will receive both messages.

Changes in 3.9.0-b91

Major rewrite to make PwnFilter more modular for upcoming support of Sponge, and to enable better testing.

This is a Beta build that is currently in testing on Pwn9 servers, but needs some more people to kick the tires and find the remaining bugs before I kick it to a full 3.9.0 release. Please report all issues to our GitHub page:

Changes in 3.3.1

This release has not been tested on 1.8, yet. Look for a 1.8 release in the near future. -Sage

  • Fix #37 - ignore/require command incorrectly matches non-commands
  • Fix - IllegalStateException when points manager is not enabled.
  • Fix #56 - NPE when anvil slot #1 is empty.
  • Fix #57 - Fix bug in "then points" that sends a blank message to the player.
  • Performance optimizations and code cleanup (PR #3 from minecrafter on Github)
  • Add "then upper" action
  • Fix bugs that allowed colors to pass through when filter was active.

Changes in 3.3.0

Deprecated Feature

The "events chat,command, etc.." option in the rules.txt has been deprecated.
If you have rules that you want to apply to multiple types of events, put them
in their own file, eg:


match blah
then replace

And then, in the event rules, use include...


include common.txt

Points System

New action: then points <##>

New config: warning thresholds. drain rate


Think of a bucket with holes in the bottom, and multiple lines on it:

\         / -- threshold3
 \       /  -- threshold2
  \     /   -- threshold1
   - - -    -- Leak rate: points / s

Given rules like this:

 match fuck
 rule S1 Fuck
 then points 20

 match asshole
 rule S2 Asshole
 then points 5

The following will happen:

A user will have 0 points by default. Every time they trip the filter, it
will add the # of points (20 for 'fuck', 5 for 'asshole'). When they hit
the threshold1 level, PwnFilter will execute the "ascending" commands at the
threshold1 level. When they hit thresh2, same, thresh3, same. Every second
or minute, depending on how configured, the configured leak rate number of
points will be subtracted from the bucket. As the points balance crosses the
threshold from above, it will execute the "descending" actions.

Thus, if a player swears once in a while, they will get no warning, no
consequence. If they have a sailor's mouth, they might get a warning at
threshold1 and 2, and a ban at threshold3. Once their points balance
drops back below the ban threshold, they will be unbanned, and allowed back on
the server.

A sample configuration for thresholds is below::

  enabled: true # 'false' disables the points-system
    points: 1.0
    interval: 30 # seconds
      name: Warn
      points: 10.0
         - respond You have hit our warning threshold for bad language!
         - respond You are now back in our good books.  Remember to keep it clean!

      name: Kick
      points: 20.0
         - kick You need to tone down your language!
         - notify pwnfilter.admins %player% was kicked for hitting the kick threshold.

      name: Tempban
      points: 30.0
         - console ban %player% Your language is not acceptable.  Take 15m to cool off!
         - notify pwnfilter.admins %player% was given a temporary ban for bad language.
         - 'notify console &4%player% was given a temporary ban for bad language. Points %points%'
         - console pardon %player%
         - notify pwnfilter.admins %player% points have fallen below Tempban threshold. %player% was unbanned
         - notify console &4%player% points have fallen below Tempban threshold. %player% was unbanned

Respond Multiline

Enhance "then respond" action, by allowing a "here" tag function, to permit a
multi-line response. Use "then respond <<END" to start the multiline message,
and Terminate the response with a single line that has only 'END' (no quotes).

match ^/grue$
then respond <<END
The grue is a sinister, lurking presence in the dark places of the earth. Its
favorite diet is adventurers, but its insatiable appetite is tempered by its
fear of light. No grue has ever been seen by the light of day, and few have
survived its fearsome jaws to tell the tale.

Behavioural Changes in Command Filter

By default, commands will no longer be treated as "chat". They will not be
decolored, nor will they be "spam filtered". There is a new config entry called
cmdchat:. If commands are listed in cmdchat, those commands will be treated like
chat events, and will be filtered by the chat.txt filter, instead of the
command.txt filter. The reason for this change is that there are some commands
(eg: /tell, /msg, /me) which most people feel should be filtered with the chat
filter, and having to include chat filters in command.txt is cumbersome.

 - me
 - nick
 - tell

Respond with File

Add then respondfile <filename.txt> which will be send to player. By default,
text files for this command are stored in the PwnFilter/textfiles directory.
This can be overridden with the config.yml textdir: config.

Changes in PwnFilter v3.2.1

A few critical bugfixes:

  • Plugin permissions were not being properly cached, making pwnfilter.bypass and others ineffective
  • Fix an error when using shortcuts in rules.
  • Re-enable a default configuration copy that includes comments on first startup.

Changes in PwnFilter 3.2.0

Please read these notes in their entirety. A lot of changes have been made since 3.1.x.

Your existing config may not work. At very least, please read the section about backward incompatible
changes, and the new file structure. If you have questions, please join the #pwn9 channel on espernet
and ask your question there. Please be patient. We're not always around.



Any occurances of:
&world ,&player, &string, &rawstring, &event, &ruleid, &ruledescr

will need to be replaced with:
%world% ,%player%, %string%, %rawstring%, %event%, %ruleid%, %ruledescr%

You will get deprecation warnings if you use the old format, but it should still work for now.


A subtle, but important change has been made to the rules file format. If a blank line is detected,
this will cause the parser to finish a rule. This used to be valid::

match blah
then warn Hey!

then deny

This is no longer valid, though, and the "then deny" will not ba attached to the rule.

Further, at least one blank line must separate all statement groups. eg::

match blah
then action

match foo
then action

match blah
then action
match foo
then action

Comments do not count as blank line. eg::

match blah
#Now do an action.
then action

match blah
then action
#Now another rule
match foo
then blah

Got it? :)

Rules file format / features

All of these changes (except the ones noted above) should be backwards compatible with the 3.1.x
and lower versions.

Rules.txt format

By default, PwnFilter 3.2 will create a PwnFilter/rules directory, move your current rules.txt
into it, and create one rules file for each handler, which links back to rules.txt. You do not
need to keep all your rules in rules.txt. In fact, it is recommended that you create several
rules files (in seperate subdirectories, if you prefer), and link them from each handler.

New folder structure::

            |-> common --> tamewords.txt
            |          |-> badwords.txt
            |          |-> reallybadwords.txt
            |-> sign.txt
            |-> chat.txt
            |-> item.txt
            |-> command.txt
            \-> console.txt

Each of the sign, chat, etc. are rulesets for specific event
handlers. They can import from any of the files in the rules directory
(or, in fact, any file that can be referred to relative to where it is, eg: common/tamewords.txt)
and/or they can just have rules directly entered. Eg:


include common/tamewords.txt
include common/badwords.txt

match derp
then ...

and so on...

Named Rules

Adding a name / ID to a rule. eg::

match <matchstring>
rule <id> [Optional description]
... etc...

Also, you can use &ruleid and &ruledescr in "then command" and "then console" messages. Eg::

match badword
rule BW1 Badword Rule
then console ban &player 1d (&ruleid) &ruledescr

would cause the following command to be run::

/ban PlayerName 1d (BW1) Badword Rule


Writing regex's can be tedious. Shortcuts allow the use of configurable
"variables" that can are replaced in the regex. Eg::

match ((http)*(\w|\W|\d|_)*(www)*(\w|\W|\d|_)*[a-zA-Z0-9\.\-\*_\^\+\~\`\=\,\&*]{3,}(\W|\d|_|dot|\(dot\))+(com\b|org\b|net\b|edu\b|co\b|uk\b|de\b|cc\b|biz\b|mobi\b|xxx\b|tv\b))

could be replaced with::

shortcuts words.vars
match ((http)*<chr>*(www)*<chr>*<xta>{3,}<dot>+<dom>)
# ^ This will disable the shortcuts for future rules.

Internally, this would be expanded out to the regex above.

In a file called words.vars, you would specify::

chr (\w|\W|\d|_)
dom (com\b|org\b|net\b|edu\b|co\b|uk\b|de\b|cc\b|biz\b|mobi\b|xxx\b|tv\b)
dot (\W|\d|_|dot|\(dot\))
xta [a-zA-Z0-9\.\-\*_\^\+\~\`\=\,\&*]

You can surround up to 3 characters with <> and they will
be replaced with whatever is defined in that varset.yml file.

Another example:

This file is called letters.vars::

_ (\W|\d|_)
E [eu]
K [ck]

matchusing letters.var j+<_>*<E>+<_>*r+<_>*<K>+<_>*s*

If you want to match an actual less-than (<) or greater-than (>), use a backslash (\).

Allowed Characters in shortcut names: [_a-zA-z]

Action Groups

Sometimes, you want to have multiple rules that all do the same actions.
An Action Group allows you to predefine a set of actions which you can
then apply to a rule. Eg::

actiongroup swearactions
then warn "Don't say that!"
then fine 50 Pay $50 to the swear jar!

.. later in the rules.txt ..

match jerk
then replace meanie
actions swearactions

Condition Groups

Just as with action groups, condition groups let you specify common conditions
you wish to apply to multiple rules. Eg::

conditiongroup ignoreAdmins
ignore user Sage905
ignore user tremor77
ignore user DreamPhreak
ignore user EpicATrain

... later in the rules.txt ...

rule L3 Match jerk
matchusing varset j+<><E>+<_>r+<><K>+<_>s*
conditions ignoreAdmins
then replace meanie
then actions swearactions


Regex Timeout

An enhancement to the Regex which will automatically time-out if a Regex
takes more than 500ms to execute. Upon triggering the timeout, PwnFilter
will log an error showing the failed rule as well as the text that triggered
the timeout. This should be a big help in troubleshooting runaway regexes.

Anti-spam feature may conflict with other anti-spam plugins, you should really only use 1 anti-spam plugin, PwnFilters anti-spam can be disabled in config.yml

Anti-spam command feature may conflict with commands that use a cooldown/warmup system, in the event of conflict, add those commands to blacklist.

/pfmute feature is reported not to work with HeroChat.