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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.5.2-R0.1


3.0.0-rc1 * Alpha Release * This release has passed our basic testing, but it is a major rewrite. We ask you to test it on a development server and give us feedback!

  • Complete refactoring of rule processing. Now, instead of being parsed on each event, the whole rules.txt is parsed into a rulechain (faster).
  • Added support for filters on signs. You can now limit rules by doing event <sign,command,chat> (see sample rules.txt)
  • Added support for colored strings! If users have colors in their chat, the filter will preserve those colors (except where text is being replaced)
  • Logging has been changed, use "then log" under specific rules to log those matches. Be sure to back up your pwnfilter.log file before updating!


  • Updated for CB 1.5.2-R01
  • Fixed a bug in which cancelled chat from other plugins would get uncancelled by PwnFilter, most noticeable with players who had been muted.


  • Minor tweaks to listener code
  • A small fix for signs and the ignore signs operator


  • Revamped permissions structure to add more flexibility, especially for admins.
  • Minor config.yml updates, you might want to update to be safe.
  • Moved some high level checks to the listeners to improve efficiency.
  • Adopted a new file structure and improved priority listener system.
  • New Feature: Basic Sign Filter (Will erase sign text if there is a Match)
    • Added "ignore signs" flag for rules that should ignore sign text (CAPS and multiple character spam for example)
  • New Feature: Basic anti-spam for commands and chat.
    • Permissions to bypass spam check
    • Command blacklist will bypass spam check
  • New Feature: /pfmute now accepts a message instead of announcing player name.
    • /pfmute (optional message to send to server when muting/unmuting)


  • Fixed bug in 2.3.4 that caused some of the new features to work improperly.
  • Added to config.yml - command blacklist, a list of commands to always ignore in the command filter.
  • Features from 2.3.4 - new rules.txt post match operators
    • require command - forces rule to require it to be a command (or list of commands)
    • ignore command - rules will not run for command (or list of commands)
  • Last 1.5.x update unless either a major bug is found, or until Bukkit 1.5 RB comes out. Time to actually play some minecraft!


  • Added configurable priority to command filter, check updated config.yml
  • Added configurable list of commands to check with the filter, check updated config.yml


  • Removed bugs/typos from 2.3.1 that we're defective
  • Supports Minecraft 1.5.1
  • Adds &rawstring feature to command and console post match operators


  • Supporting Minecraft 1.5
  • Added Command Listener - configurable in config.yml. Add commandfilter:true
  • Command listener uses all the same rules.txt as your chat filter..
  • Experimental right now, there will be tweaks and fixes i'm sure.


  • Added another option to the config.yml for decolor:true/false
  • Added extra permission for bypassing the global mute.. pwnfilter.bypassmute
  • Added a permission for bypassing decolor if decolor is true. pwnfilter.color
  • Toyed with some settings to get color matching to work better, still no go
  • Fixed a small bug in the pwnfilter.log


  • New addition to config.yml - make sure to update!
  • Added configurable setting to the pwnfilter.log in config.yml. If you don't want logging set to false.
  • Added date and time to the logfile, this might be useful - probably should have added it in the first place.
  • Added console chaining, similar concept to command chaining, with the new rule "then conchain".
  • Small fix to the "then deny" rule, removed message replacement because it borks some instances of making cool aliases.
  • 1.4.7-R0.1 compatible.


  • Built for Bukkit 1.4.6-R0.3
  • Added enhanced logging, find pwnfilter.log file in your /plugins/PwnFilter/ folder.
  • For rules/matches to be logged you must add "then log" to your rule set. This was in an effort to not spam the log for rules you don't need to log.


  • Delete your config.yml for this update to generate a new one, rules.txt can remain.
  • Bugfixes on burn, warn, kick and kill messages where replacement text would break.
  • Added default messages for warn, burn, kick and kill to the config.yml with color code support.
  • Default messages can be overridden via rules.txt, also with color code support.
  • More code cleanup for a faster running plugin!


  • Build for Craftbukkit 1.4.6-R0.1
  • Some small code tweaks for greater efficiency, thanks to Cryptix.


  • Build for Craftbukkit 1.4.5-R1.0
  • New post match operators:
    • then cmdchain - Allows you to create chained command aliases. Usage: then cmdchain command 1|command 2|command 3
      • Note that these are player issued commands, players will need to have permissions to use commands in the chain.
      • You may use syntax from the standard "then command" operator like &player, &world and &string for data replacement in the chains.
  • New command and permission node
    • /pfmute - permission: pwnfilter.pfmute - description: Globally mute the entire server (regular chat only not PM's or emotes). Using this command will cancel ALL chat events until this command is run again.
  • A long awaited addition for pwnfilter finally added: configurable plugin priority.
    • Important You should delete your existing config.yml for this update.
    • Edit the config.yml "priority" with choice of lowest, low, normal, high, highest. Default is lowest.
    • If Pwnfilter is not working well with any of your other chat related plugins, you may change the priority in order to resolve conflicts. Contact your chat control plugin maker to find out what priority their "listener" runs on.


  • New post match operators:
    • then randrep - replaces matching regex from a pipe separate list of potential replacements!
    • then lower - replaces matching regex with the same matching regex, forced to lower case! (Basically, CAPS Replacer)
  • Removed the [PwnFilter] prefix from warning, burn and kill messages. You may now use your own warning message from scratch, with color code support!
  • Please review the PwnFilter Pages for updated material on the 2.0 update!


  • Added "then kill" and "then burn" as optional punishments related to a match. See post match operators page for usage.


  • Updated for CB 1.4.5-R0.2
  • Fixed bug with PwnFilter player kicks and asynPlayerChatEvent.


  • PwnFilter for Craftbukkit 1.4.2-R0.2 and reverted to Java 6. If you prefer for any reason, Java7, 1.9.0 will also work on 1.4.2 servers.


  • Built for CraftBukkit 1.3.2-R1.0 (Also works on 1.3.2-R2.0, 1.3.2-R3.0 and 1.4.2 dev builds - so far)
  • Now using Java7, if you have any issues let me know and I'll refactor on Java6.


  • Fixed console unable to execute rules reload.
  • Changed "/pwnfilter reload" to a more simple "/pfreload"
  • Added new feature "/pfcls" by request: will clear all players chat screens to remove unwanted ads, swears from sight
  • Code cleanup for handling commands and permissions


  • Updated for CraftBukkit 1.3.1 new AsyncPlayerChatEvent. This will NO LONGER WORK on 1.2.5!
  • Code cleanup for enabling and disabling plugin, code cleanup on chat listener.
  • Removed some unused libraries.


  • Added new permission node pwnfilter.bypass to give to users or groups who should not be affected at all by pwnfilter.
  • Built against Bukkit 1.2.5R 5.0 and tested compatible.


  • Adjusting PwnFilter's event.priority to lowest setting in attempt to avoid conflicts with other chat control plugins.
  • Updated the default "rules.txt" file with changes seen since 1.2


  • Added requested option "ignore string" which will ignore a match if it contains the defined string.
  • Removed "ignore group" and "require group" in lieu of permissions, basically redundant code.
  • Upgraded plugin from "Beta" to "Release"


  • Added "ignore permission" and "require permission" rules.
  • Added "then rewrite" rule for soft replacement, ignoring color codes.
  • Edited "then replace" rule for hard replacement, stripping color codes.
  • Added new variable "&string" to rules for "command" & "console". Use &string to insert chat message into your rule.
  • Added the "&player" and "&world" variables to "command" as well as "console".
  • Fixed "command" to ignore chat message unless given "&string" as a variable, great for making aliases.


  • Improved detection and replacement of messages for users with colored chat enabled. This would be difficult if not impossible using rules.txt so I built it into the filter.
  • Was told I should include a LICENSE file in my source file so I did.


  • Updated default rules.txt
  • Minor code cleanup
  • Added permission node pwnfilter.reload (no longer OP only)


  • Built original plugin against CraftBukkit 1.2.5-R4.0
  • Added in bukkit.ChatColor support
  • Fixed /pwnfilter reload function, actually works now, and reloads the rules.txt
  • Added rules.txt chat color support for &(0-F) color codes. These previously worked in the old version but derped somewhere along the way with CB updates and changes.
  • Renamed plugin from RegexFilter to PwnFilter with intention of eventual code overhaul.

Anti-spam feature may conflict with other anti-spam plugins, you should really only use 1 anti-spam plugin, PwnFilters anti-spam can be disabled in config.yml

Anti-spam command feature may conflict with commands that use a cooldown/warmup system, in the event of conflict, add those commands to blacklist.

PF Has not been fully tested with all channel based chat plugins.  Some chat plugins may require changes in priority settings.

Some reports say that the Spigot branch of Bukkit is not fully compatible with PwnFilter.

New logging system starts a new pwnfilter.log If you like to save those logs, be sure to back it up before updating, as this 3.0.0 version will overwrite it and create a new one.