PerWorldChat makes sure you only see chat from the world you're in. But don't get tricked by the simple introduction, 


  • Blocks chat from other worlds
  • Link worlds together
  • Change the chat format
  • Has support for Prefix and Suffix when Vault is installed
  • Supports /ignore from essentials, let me know of other plugins that has this functionality so I can integrate my plugin with them!
  • Doesn't interfere with other chat grouping plugins


perworldchat.* - Allows access to everything in the plugin

perworldchat.main - Needed to use any commands in the plugin.

perworldchat.view - Allows access to check if the features are on or off.

perworldchat.toggle - Allows access to toggling the features.

perworldchat.setformat - Allows you to change the format.

perworldchat.spy - Allows you to make you a spy.

perworldchat.spy.other - Allows you to make any player a spy.

perworldchat.override - Allows you to make yourself override the per world chat restriction.

perworldchat.override.other - Allows you to make any player able to override the per world chat restriction.

perworldchat.clink - Allows you to create a link

perworldchat.alink - Allows you to add a world to a link

perworldchat.dlink - Allows you to delete a link

perworldchat.rlink - Allows you to remove a world from a link

perworldchat.colorcodes - Allows you to use color codes in chat


- Add config. ✔

- Add support for commands (As of right now those will display in other worlds)

- Add a feature to link worlds ✔

- Add a GUI to easier customize the plugin


If you think there's anything else that needs to be added or find a bug, please let me know.


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