This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


PerWorldChat makes sure you only see chat from the world you're in. But don't get tricked by the simple introduction, 


  • Blocks chat from other worlds
  • Link worlds together
  • Change the chat format
  • Has support for Prefix and Suffix when Vault is installed
  • Supports /ignore from essentials, let me know of other plugins that has this functionality so I can integrate my plugin with them!
  • Doesn't interfere with other chat grouping plugins


perworldchat.* - Allows access to everything in the plugin

perworldchat.main - Needed to use any commands in the plugin.

perworldchat.view - Allows access to check if the features are on or off.

perworldchat.toggle - Allows access to toggling the features.

perworldchat.setformat - Allows you to change the format.

perworldchat.spy - Allows you to make you a spy.

perworldchat.spy.other - Allows you to make any player a spy.

perworldchat.override - Allows you to make yourself override the per world chat restriction.

perworldchat.override.other - Allows you to make any player able to override the per world chat restriction.

perworldchat.clink - Allows you to create a link

perworldchat.alink - Allows you to add a world to a link

perworldchat.dlink - Allows you to delete a link

perworldchat.rlink - Allows you to remove a world from a link

perworldchat.colorcodes - Allows you to use color codes in chat


- Add config. ✔

- Add support for commands (As of right now those will display in other worlds)

- Add a feature to link worlds ✔

- Add a GUI to easier customize the plugin


If you think there's anything else that needs to be added or find a bug, please let me know.


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