PvPToggle is hooked into both Bukkit's SuperPerms permissions management system, and the legacy Permissions plugin many people previously used. If no permissions system is detected, PvPToggle will default to OPs.

pvptoggleThe root permissions node, give this to your users for them to have complete use of PvPToggle (including admin features)
pvptoggle.useEnable PvPToggle checks on player (i.e. allow the plugin to have some effect on the player's combat)
pvptoggle.selfAllows a player to use all /pvp commands on themselves
pvptoggle.self.toggleAllows a player to toggle their own PvP status
pvptoggle.self.statusAllows a player to check their own PvP status
pvptoggle.otherAllows a player to use all /pvp commands on other players
pvptoggle.other.toggleAllows a player to toggle another players' PvP status
pvptoggle.other.statusAllows a player to check another players' PvP status
pvptoggle.other.resetAllows a player to reset PvP status of another player to login default either in a specific world, or across all worlds
pvptoggle.pvpEnabled by default. This node disables autoenable, force and deny (SuperPerms is weird about them for some reason)
pvptoggle.pvp.autoenableAutomatically enables PvP when players first hit each other*
pvptoggle.pvp.forceReplaces the force option in the config file. Players with this node will be unable to toggle their PvP*
pvptoggle.pvp.denyPlayers with this node will be unable to use PvP, or toggle their PvP status*
pvptoggle.adminEnables a player to use all PvPToggle related commands
pvptoggle.regionsEnables a player to add or remove a tagged WorldGuard region
pvptoggle.regions.addEnables a player to add a tagged WorldGuard region
pvptoggle.regions.removeEnables a player to remove a tagged WorldGuard region

* only work if a player does not have the '*' node


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