Below is a list of commands and their usage, as well as a description of what they do, and the permission node required to be able to use them. This article applies to PvPToggle version 2.0 and above. In version 2.0.2 you have a choice between three different commands the plugin can use. 1: /pvp, 2: /pvpt, and 3: /tpvp. This is settable in the command setting in the plugin section of the configuration file

Arguments between the less-than (<) and greater-than (>) symbols should be considered mandatory for the listed command description, whilst arguments in square brackets ([ and ]) should be considered optional.

/pvpToggle own PvP statuspvptoggle.self.toggle
/pvp onSet own PvP status to onpvptoggle.self.toggle
/pvp offSet own PvP status to offpvptoggle.self.toggle
/pvp statusChecks own PvP statuspvptoggle.self.status
/pvp on <player> [world]Set someone else's status to onpvptoggle.other.toggle
/pvp off <player> [world]Set someone else's status to offpvptoggle.other.toggle
/pvp on <player> [world]Check someone else's PvP statuspvptoggle.other.status
/pvp reset <player> [world]Reset someone else's status to default, either globally or in one worldpvptoggle.other.reset
/pvp w:<world>Check world-wide PvP status of specified
/pvp w:<world> statusCheck world-wide PvP status of specified
/pvp w:<world> onEnable world-wide PvP for specified
/pvp w:<world> offDisable world-wide PvP for specified
/pvp w:<world> resetReset PvP status to login default for all players in the specified
/pvp globalChecks global PvP
/pvp global statusChecks global PvP
/pvp global onEnables global
/pvp global offDisables global
/pvp global resetResets global PvP status of all players across all worlds to login
/pvp region add <region> [world]Adds a region as tagged for use by PvPTogglepvptoggle.region.add
/pvp global remove <region> [world]Removes region tagging for use by PvPTogglepvptoggle.region.remove
/pvp helpSee help about command usageNot Applicable


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