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Don't get join-killed ever again!
This is my second public Bukkit plugin. Enjoy!

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Are you tired of those player-killers who keep tracking down the new members on your server? Well, there is a solution! PvPTimer will protect players from PvP for a set amount of time, and during that time will be able to build and discover the server, without worrying about those pesky player-killers! :)

Plugin suggested by Highneon from the awesome KingsOfMinecraft forum. Thanks to him! :)

Download and other links

I am aware of the issues present. If PvPTimer 1.3 does not work for you, please downgrade to 1.2, this should fix your issues till I manage to issue a new build. Thanks everyone for being so patient!

Stable release: PvPTimer 1.3
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Configuration help
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Source code on GitHub
Bukkit Forums thread
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  • New players get a cooldown of a configurable amount of time where they will be immune to PvP, but will not be able to hit anyone.
  • Lots of other protections, too!
  • Players can disable their protection at any time!
  • Admin commands!
  • Easy configuration!
  • Multilanguage support! Customize messages to will!
  • A lot more!

Planned features

  • Prevent people from using McMMO special strikes. Not sure if this will be possible. Looking into it.
  • Remove protections on hit (with warnings).
  • Official documented API.
  • Permissions to disable automatic protection (join, etc.)
  • All accepted and started tickets, hopefully.

Submitting feature requests/bug reports

If you want to submit a feature request or a bug report:

  • When posting feature requests, make sure the request has not been posted by another user. Check the ticket tracker before doing anything!
  • If you would like to report a bug, please be as clear as possible: tickets which aren't clear enough will be marked as Invalid or Waiting.
  • If you have a crash log, please use a pasting service to post it, such as Pastebin, Pastie, or BukkitDev's own paste service.
  • If you submit a log, please add information. Tickets showing logs with a description such as "It does not work" will be rejected. When does it happen? Did it happen once or is it recurrent?


I speak English! If you need help, post your question in the comments, or send me an e-mail!
Je suis Français! Si vous avez besoin d'aide, envoyez-moi un e-mail!
Hablo Español! Si necesita ayuda, mandeme un mail!


Version 1.3

  • You can now disable the periodic save
  • Added join message delay
  • Added enderpearl trigger option
  • Added non player death trigger option
  • Added PvPTimer.remove permission (to allow/forbid removing player's own protection)
  • Added protection timeouts
  • Fixed excluded worlds
  • Fixed enderchests and containers
  • Fixed animation issue with trapped chests
  • Fixed updater
  • Fixed ConcurrentModificationException errors
  • Fixed mob protection
  • Fixed potential memory leak while saving configuration

Version 1.2

  • Added updater
  • Language files now support new lines with \n
  • Configuration will now parse raw numbers as seconds
  • Fixed container configuration
  • Fixed teleporting to different worlds causing exceptions
  • Fixed migration issue
  • Fixed first join protection
  • Fixed group issues

For the full changelog, please look at the latest file.

MCStats provides such a fancy stats image :D


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