Commands and permissions

This page has been updated for version 1.3!

Type /pvptimer in-game to see a full list of commands:

  • /pvptimer remove - Removes your current protection.
    • New: Permission: pvptimer.remove
  • /pvptimer remove [player] - Removes someone's protection.
    • Permission: pvptimer.removeOthers
  • /pvptimer check - Check how much time you have of protection remaining.
  • /pvptimer check [player] - Checks someone's protection.
    • Permission: pvptimer.checkOthers
  • /pvptimer grant [player] [time] - Grants protection to someone.
    • Permission: pvptimer.grant
  • /pvptimer reset - Resets all online players' protection.
    • Permission: pvptimer.reset
  • /pvptimer reload - Reload the plugin's configuration, excluded worlds list and protections.
    • Permission: pvptimer.reload

You can also use these in the console!

There is also an extra permission node, default to all OPs, that when given will show update notifications to the user on log-in:

  • pvptimer.updateNotify


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