PvPTimer 1.2


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    May 19, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.5.2-R0.1


Version 1.2

  • Added updater
  • Language files now support new lines with \n
  • Configuration will now parse raw numbers as seconds
  • Fixed container configuration
  • Fixed teleporting to different worlds causing exceptions
  • Fixed migration issue
  • Fixed first join protection
  • Fixed group issues

Version 1.1

  • Now requires Vault for group support!
  • Proper admin commands in-game!
  • Multilanguage support (custom languages too!)
  • Added a protection on changing worlds, or entering a specific world.
  • Added custom times for each group in other protections (respawn, etc.)
  • Added a command to reset everybody's protection, and to give them all protection.
  • Added a way for admins to give protection to someone for a specific time amount.
  • Added teleport protection.
  • Added pick up and container options in configuration
  • Moved excluded worlds to the configuration
  • Fixed configuration issues

I have actually changed a lot, and I don't quite remember it all but I think that's it for this release.

Version 1.0c

  • Fixed reload command
  • Fixed issue when a value was set to "0".
  • A bit of code cleanup

Version 1.0b

  • Fixed error with new 1.4.6 build

Version 1.0

  • New player protection manager
  • Added more options to protect players (consecutive joins, respawn) (implements #3)
  • Added disabling protections in certain worlds (implements #6)
  • Added Metrics! (mcstats.org/plugin/PvPTimer)
  • Changed some messages, tweaked the messages to show /pvptimer remove command!
  • Added reload command with permission node pvptimer.reload

SORRY about not adding all the features requested. I tried my best but school took over. I will push out 1.1 with the rest of features soon, hopefully. Thanks for your understanding!

Version 0.9

  • Fixed the ConcurrentModificationException error.
  • Fixed console commands
  • Help menu now shows how many players are protected

Version 0.8

  • Fixed issue when removing protection, logging out, and logging back in and on server restarts (fixes #1)
  • Slight improvement when checking player's status
  • Other minor improvements (text)

Version 0.7

  • Added console commands
  • Fixed time remaining not showing properly
  • Other minor tweaks

Version 0.6

  • Fixed bug where you could hit players with projectiles even if the player or you was protected.
  • Added subcommand /pvptimer check to see how much time you have left of protection.
  • Changed first time message, now formatted the ammount of seconds into a readable amount (ex: 5 minutes instead of 300 seconds).
  • Changed protected welcome message, now shows the time you have of protection remaining.

Version 0.3

  • Initial release