PvPManager v3.0-SNAPSHOT-b114


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    Jun 11, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.3


This is not a finished release, expect bugs if you use it, report them if possible.
Bug reports need to be done on github now, the ticket section in dev.bukkit was disabled.
Also any plugins hooking into PvPManager might stop working.


  • Removed toggle signs feature, i don't think anyone used it but if there are many requests i can add it again.
  • Added German translation. Thanks MrMusicBoy12345
  • Fix errors with servers not running WorldGuard v.6.0+
  • Lots of internal changes(yes more, so with changes come bugs, so get ready for that)
  • Now any type of teleport is blocked in combat, except enderpearls if specified in config.
  • Commands blacklisted/whitelisted now support arguments. Blacklisting /f won't blacklist /f list for example
  • Fix some bugs related to kicks while in combat
  • Fix players being able to attack from outside a WG region with pvp allow
  • Some /pm commands can now be executed from console (Should have been that way a long time ago)
  • Fixed Factions compatibility, now it is tested and working
  • Fixed and updated FactionsUUID compatibility, also tested
  • Fix players from same faction attacking each other inside WG region with pvp allow

Previous changelog of 3.0-SNAPSHOT-b102:

  • Huge re-code of pretty much everything !
  • Support for FactionsUUID as well as regular Factions
  • Compiled with Java 7 (I don't think anyone still uses Java 6)
  • Added option to manage player drops! The modes are: Drop only in PvP, Keep only in PvP,Transfer drops directly to killer and Always drop where * PvPManager does nothing so items drop as usual.
  • PvP can now be forced by admins/console with /pvp [name] [on|off]
  • Added permission to bypass /pvp cooldown, default for OP
  • pvpmanager.pvpstatus.nocooldown
  • Removed option to drop items on PvP log without killing the player (It doesn't make sense much imo)
  • Re-coded all the logic of player drops on PvP log, it is now a lot simpler and using different methods, so with better performance as well.
  • This also fixed several bugs that i found while testing
  • Changed the message when blocking lava/flint near PvP disabled players
  • WorldGuard pvp allow flag now overrides PvPManager, so a player with /pvp off inside a WG arena can still be attacked.
  • And several small things i probably forgot.