PvPManager v3.0-SNAPSHOT


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    Jun 2, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.3


This is not a finished release, expect bugs if you use it, report them if possible.
Bug reports now must be done on https://github.com/NoChanceSD/PvPManager/issues, the tickets section here was disabled.
Also any plugins hooking into PvPManager might stop working.


  • Huge re-code of pretty much everything !
  • Support for FactionsUUID as well as regular Factions
  • Compiled with Java 7 (I don't think anyone still uses Java 6)
  • Added option to manage player drops! The modes are: Drop only in PvP, Keep only in PvP, Transfer drops directly to killer and Always drop where PvPManager does nothing so items drop as usual.
  • PvP can now be forced by admins/console with /pvp [name] [on|off]
  • Added permission to bypass /pvp cooldown, default for OP - pvpmanager.pvpstatus.nocooldown
  • Removed option to drop items on PvP log without killing the player (It doesn't make sense much imo)
  • Re-coded all the logic of player drops on PvP log, it is now a lot simpler and using different methods, so with better performance as well. This also fixed several bugs that i found while testing
  • Changed the message when blocking lava/flint near PvP disabled players
  • WorldGuard pvp allow flag now overrides PvPManager, so a player with /pvp off inside a WG arena can still be attacked.
  • And several small things i probably forgot.