Config , Gamemode and Maps configuration

Setup the plugin

  1. This plugin doesn't have dependencies,but it is recommended to use this plugin with TagAPI , Or iTag for newer version of Bukkit/Spigot
  2. Move SpHxPVPGames.jar inside your /plugins/ folder.
  3. Start your server,and when your server have finished to start,you can /stop.
  4. Now the plugin haved copied all the necessary files in the "/plugins/SpHxPVPGames/" folder.
  5. If you have a custom map(s),you can copy the entire folder in "/plugins/SpHxPVPGames/" , Example "/plugins/SpHxPVPGames/MyMap/"
  6. Now open the config.yml and put your custom map(s) name over the interested gamemode.

GameModes Example :

  - MyMaps
  - CustomMap2
  - GeneratedMap
  - MyMaps
  1. At this point you can choose what gamemode you want use over GAMEMODE line. Example :
- S&D
  2. Info : The maps and gamemode are choosen randomly. (If you want setup a certain map,put only it over the worlds.GM or use /admin nextmap <mapname> , and restart the server.
  1. Always in the config.yml change "system: world_dir:" with your main world name.By default is "put_your_world_name_here" change with "world"
  1. Now you can setup the maps.

Setup the Maps/Gamemodes

  1. By default all location are setted at the world spawn point.
  2. Join in the server and setup your map.


  1. First you have to set the spawn and lounge location.Go on the interested point(s) and type /admin setspawn (for spawn) and /admin setlounge (For the lounge) ,Maybe both have the same position,but you can choose.
  1. Now you have to set the team spawn points.This it's necessary for the following gamemode : Team DeathMatch , Team DeathMatch (4 Team) , Capture The Flag , Kill the King , Kill Confirmed,Domination,Search & Destroy,Destroy the Core,Run Game
  2. So,go to the first point , suppose the red team spawn, and type /admin setredspawn .Do the same thing with blue spawn and if are a TDM4 mode green and yellow. (All coordinates,are saved automatically when you type the command in the mapsconfig.yml config file)
  3. Now if your maps it's maded for these gamemode "TDM,TDM4,KC or KTK ",you have finished the setup.
  4. Maybe you have to set only the chest point (but it's not necessary)Anyway go in the point of the map interested and type /admin setchest.

Setup a DeathMatch

  1. For this gamemode you have to set multiple spawn points with the "/admin setdmspawn" command.For each interested point type the command and it are added in a list of location.

Setup flags (CTF)

  1. Go on the interested point and look at the target block.Now type /admin setredflag or setblueflag Example here.

Setup domination Points

  1. You have to set 3 points <A/B/C>.Normally put A and C near the red and blue spawn points,and B for example at the center of the map.For set this points go on the interested points and type /admin setdom A ,B or C .For see how the plugin generate the point you can use /admin generatedom

Setup bombs (S&D)

  1. You have to set 2 points <A-B>.Go on interested points and type /admin setbomb A or B. For see how the plugin generate the bomb type /admin generatebomb

Setup Core (DTC)

  1. You can make the core block by block.For do this make first a clone of core manually,and then look and type on every single block /admin setcore blue or red.

Setup a RunGame (RUN)

  1. In this game there are 2 team and the objective are click an button placed at the bottom of the map (for example) .So for set the button,place first it,and after look at it and type /admin setbutton

Setup a Cranked DM (CDM)

  1. See Deathmatch configuration.

Setup a Kill The Target (KTT)

  1. See Deathmatch configuration.

Setup Horde

  1. Like a DeathMatch mode,type /admin horde addmobspawn or /admin horde addplayerspawn for add a spawn points.

Setup Spleef

  1. This gamemode it's fully automated.Start this gamemode and play.

Setup Hunger Games

  1. This Game mode use the same DeathMatch location.So setup your map with /admin setdmspawn.You can add multiple spawnpoints for make the cornucopia (for example).

Others map function.


You can put the gamerule in the mapsconfig.yml over the map name. Example :

  - mobGriefing:false

Or other(s) option(s) :

    generatelounge: true #Use this,if the map doesn't have a lounge.
    kits: false  #(if false disable the kits)
    protectmap: true #(if true block the place and break events.)
    respawntime_in_ticks: 20
    worldborder: true
    worldborder_X: 200
    worldborder_Z: 200

Config files

<<code>> config.yml <</code>>

Others configurable config file(s) : chest.yml , broadcastmsg.yml , kit.yml , perks.yml , rules.yml , book.yml , mapsconfig.yml ,servermotd.yml.


There are 2 type of sign for now.One for the join,and another for the kit.
For create a new one,put an empty sign and type at the first line [JOIN] or [KIT] and confirm.


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