Commands and Permissions

Commands & Permissions

PvPGames Kits Commands :

/kit or /kit <name>Kit selection commandsphxpvpgames.kit
/autokit <name>Auto-Kit selection commandsphxpvpgames.autokit

PvPGames Perks Commands :

/perksOpen perks menu selectionsphxpvpgames.perks

PvPGames TeamChat Commands :

/tcSwitch to teamchat (if possible)sphxpvpgames.teamchat
/tc spySee al teamchatsphxpvpgames.teamchatspy

PvPGames Game Commands :

/joinJoin in the game (if already started)sphxpvpgames.join
/join <red/blue/yellow/green>Join with team selectionsphxpvpgames.join.choose
/helpShow help menĂ¹
/rulesShow rules by gamemodesphxpvpgames.rules
/vote <mapname>Vote a map for the next
/leave (to do)Leave the game and return in the lobbysphxpvpgames.leave
/respawn (to do)Respawn the player in the team spawnsphxpvpgames.respawn
/spawnTeleport to the spawn loc.sphxpvpgames.spawn
/teamShow players by

PvPGames Info Commands :

/statsShow sender statssphxpvpgames.stats
/results or /results topLeaderboardssphxpvpgames.results

PvPGames Admins Commands :

/admin or /aShow main helpsphxpvpgames.admin
/admin startForce start a game//
/admin timelimitCall time limit event,select the winners and stop the game//
/admin 2Help Page 2 In-Game Configuration//
/admin changekingIn the KTK mode reselect the King//
/admin resetflagIn the CTF mode reset the flags//
/admin respawnallRespawn all players to Team or Lounge point//
/admin resetpointsReset all team points//
/admin resetkillsReset all team kills//
/admin maxpoints <n>Change the points to reach in the current game//
/admin spawnchestCall the Chest spawn feature//
/admin 3Help Page 3 Maps Configuration//
/admin setbluespawnSet the Blue team spawn point in the current map//
/admin setredspawnSet the Red team spawn point in the current map//
/admin setgreenspawnSet the Green team spawn point in the current map//
/admin setyellowspawnSet the Yellow team spawn point in the current map//
/admin setloungeSet the Lounge spawn point in the current map//
/admin setspawnSet the Spawn point in the current map//
/admin setchestSet the Chest spawn point in the current map//
/admin setredflagSet the Red Flag point in the current map//
/admin setblueflagSet the Blue Flag point in the current map//
/admin setdmspawnAdd a DeathMatch spawn point//
/admin setbuttonSet the button for the Run Game.//
/admin setbomb <A/B>Set the Bomb point//
/admin setdom <A/B/C>Set the domination area points//
/admin setcore <blue/red>Set Block by Block the team core//
/admin hordeShow Horde help (DEV Mode)//
/admin 4Help Page 4 Admin Utilities//
/admin vanishInvisibility//
/admin bypassBreak anything (DEBUG)//
/admin resetkitRemove kit check (DEBUG)//
/admin setkillsSet 99Kills to sender (DEBUG)//
/admin resetperkResetPerk (DEBUG)//
/admin pointsSet 10Points to sender (DEBUG)//
/admin setflyspeedChange fly speed//
/admin topTeleport to hightest block//
/admin upDrop a block below you//
/admin tp <redspawn/ecc>Teleport to a PvPGames Loc.//
/admin 5Help Page 5 Debug//
/admin generatedomGenerate Dom position//
/admin generatebombGenerate Bomb//
/admin resetcoreReset/generate DTC Core//
/admin updatescoreUpdate Scoreboards//
/admin forcesavedbForce save//
/admin reloadkitReload kit config file.(IconMenu doesn't affected)//
/admin gamestartedForce gamestarted variable to true//
/admin worldslistShow al maps/worlds by gamemode//
/admin kitlistShow al kits loaded//
/admin soundtestNothing,i use this for listen the changed sounds in the 1.6//
/admin 6Help Page 6 NextGame Setup://
/admin nextmap <worldname>Select next game map//
/admin nextgamemode <gamemode>Select next game Gamemode//
/admin 7Others://
/admin fireworksSpawn a random fireworks asd//
/gmswitch from CREATIVE to SURVIVAL and

Others permissions :
sphxpvpgames.bypass - bypass spawn command when the game started
sphxpvpgames.login.full - join full server.
sphxpvpgames.kits.kitname - Kit (if enabled)


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