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PvP Utility - Team management made easy

Beta version 0.5.1 is out. Updated for 1.7.x


This plugin aims to extend upon the features of the vanilla minecraft team system.
It uses the minecraft scoreboard team system as the backend, which enables you to still used all the functionality that the build in system allows. The plugin adds easy to use commands, multiworld support(teams and settings are per world), potion cool downs and more. See all the features below.

Map maker and redstone wizard Faume helped me a great deal, both with coming up with the main ideas for the plugin, as well as with testing it in the pre-alpha stages. You can checkout his pvp map Alpha vs Beta.


All of the features can be enabled/disabled and configured in the config files.

  • Disabled team PvP. No one likes to hit people on accident in the heat of battle.
  • Offensive splash potions only affect players on other teams(instant damage, slowness etc.). And the other way around for defensive potions(healing, regeneration etc.).
  • Cool down on splash potions. (Displays time in potion name)
  • Armor and weapons gets replaced as soon as they break. Never have your sword break in a battle again.
  • Configurable infinite items. (Such as potions and food.)
  • Disallow player item drops.
  • Location reset.
  • Configurable block break protection. (in addition to adventure mode).
  • Team management commands.
    • Auto join command that makes a player join the team with the least players.
    • Display list of players on teams.
  • Team chat channels(Either toggled with command or by putting the # symbol in front of a message).
  • MultiVerse Support. (All settings and teams are per world)
  • In-game help. (/pvp help)
  • Tab to complete for all commands.
Added in latest version:
  • Added reload command, for easy config reload.
  • Cooldown times for potions is displayed in the item name.
  • Added team colors to the config.

See more details about the features here.
See configuration details here


PvP Utility CommandsActionPermission
/pvputil helpIn-game help systemall
/pvputil setResetLocSets the reset locationOP only
/pvputil addWorld [worldName]Adds settings for a world to the configOP only
/pvputil removeWorld [worldName]Removes settings from the config. (requires confirmation)OP only
/pvputil reloadReloads all settings for configOP only
Team Commands
/team helpIn-game help for team commandsall
/team chat (or /team c)Toggles team chat on and offall
/team listShows you team members on all teamsall
/team list [team1,team2, … or *]Shows you team members on the listed teamsall
/team list [team1,team2, … or *] [player1,player2, … or *]Shows the listed players the list of members on listed teamsOP only
/team joinAuto joins the team with less playersall
/team join [team1,team2, … or *]Joins the listed teams, with the least playersOP only
/team join [team1,team2, … or *] [player1,player2, … or *]Make certain player auto join a certain teamOP only
/team leaveLeaves your teamall
/team leave [player1,player2,... or *]Makes the players listed leave their teamOP only

You can use /t as a shorthand for /team. The same goes for /pvp for /pvputil.
Most of the commands have a player parameter to make it easy to use the commands with command blocks.
You can use the ‘*’ character instead to indicate “all”. This works for list of teams or players. You can of course also manage team members with the vanilla scoreboard commands too.

Planned features:

  • I will fix bugs as they come. But as of now I have no future plans for this project.

Known bugs:

  • You get potion cool-down messages when interacting with buttons or levers

Closing thoughts:

If you encounter any bugs or other problems don't hesitate to let me know or create a ticket.
Any feedback is very welcome, so let me know if you have a good idea for a feature or a change.


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