This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

This plugin isn't finished yet!

PVP-Reloaded Q/A

  • Q: What does this plugin do?
  • A: It changes the ordinary minecraft-PVP.
  • Q: Soo, you need a custom client use this plugin?
  • A: No you don't.
  • Q: How is that possible?
  • A: Press the download button, and you'll see it! ;)

PVP-Reloaded Description

Possible effects:
Bow: Damage, Agility
Sword: Damage, Strength
Armor: Stamina, Armor

Your Health : Stamina+100
Your Damage: (Strength - EnemyArmor) + Damage

PVP-Reloaded Commands

  • /sword <Name> <Damage> <Strength> [PVPReloaded.sword] Gives the player a custom sword!
  • /bow <Name> <Damage> <Agility> [PVPReloaded.bow] Gives the player a custom bow!
  • /head <Name> <Stamina> <Armor> [PVPReloaded.head] Gives the player a custom head!
  • /chest <Name> <Stamina> <Armor> [PVPReloaded.chest] Gives the player a custom chest!
  • /legs <Name> <Stamina> <Armor> [PVPReloaded.legs] Gives the player a custom pair of legs!
  • /boots <Name> <Stamina> <Armor> [PVPReloaded.boots] Gives the player a custom pair of boots!

PVP-Reloaded Download ==

PVP-Reloaded Bugs ==

  • There are currently no bugs.

PVP-Reloaded ToDoList ==

  • Nothing, If you know a awesome feature, please post it down there. ;p


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