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PvP Modes is a plugin which adds a completely new gameplay to minecraft. It's idea is based on the different Call of Duty gamemodes. This plugin will add Team Deathmatch, Free for all, Zombiemode, and a lot of other gamemodes to minecraft. Together with the iGun plugin (Made by DarkBlade12 - Download below) it'll change the complete feeling of Minecraft. Right now, there's just one gamemode done, but they'll follow...


  • Every gamemode will be an external plugin, so you can choose, which ones you want to use.
  • More than 5 gamemodes including prices, many options and a lot more...
  • Better overview because of an addons folder
  • All is compatible with the iGun plugin by Darblade12


Team Deathmatch

More will follow...


Download the newest version of the plugin here. Take the PvPMode.jar and put into the plugins folder. After that you should reload or restart your server. Than you may put the gamemodes (those, wich you want) into the following folder: "plugins\PvPMode\addons" There, they'll also generate their configs and folders. Restart or reload your server one more time! Don't put them into the normal plugins folder, it'll not work!


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