PvEManager main goal is to prevent PvE Log which is the same thing as PvP Log. PvE Log is what is called when a player tries to escape combat by logging out and back in, being able to survive this way. Many players find this unfair so that's where PvEManager enters!
There are lots of PvP Log plugins but PvE ones? Not so much, so in this case, we are talking about escaping combat with monsters instead of other players. If a player does that he simply gets killed on logout!


  • Places player in "combat mode" when attacking/being attacked by monsters
  • Possible to prevent use of commands while in this mode
  • Possible to define for how long the player is in "combat mode"
  • Prevents PvE Log
  • Broadcast a message telling the player tried to PvE Log
  • Disable fly on PvE
  • MultiWorld support! Define the worlds where you don't want PvEManager working


  • pvemanager.nocombat
    • Players with this permission are not placed in combat, OP's have it by default

Extra Info

For now, the plugin has no commands, just place it in the plugins folder and start your server.
There is an update checking function, it is optional and can be turned off in the config.
Take a look at other plugin similar to this but directed to PvP: PvPManager
In case you find a bug, it's probably because i don't know about it yet.
So if you do find one, please create a ticket so it can be fixed.

ToDo List:

- I accept more ideas, make suggestions in the comments!


If you are feeling generous and want to thank me for my work, give a little donation.
An amount at your choice, even the smaller ones would be great.

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PvEManager MCStats
If you want to know exactly what data i'm collecting or see PvEManager usage click the graph above.
You can disable Metrics by going to /plugins/PluginMetrics and opt-out on the config file.

Please create a ticket if you find any bug or have a suggestion.
Thank you.


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