This plugin keeps track of the number of times a player has misbehaved and give an appropriate punishment. This would be useful because if one admin punishes someone another wont know about it. This way they don't have to tell each other and keep a record the plugin does it for them. This plugin is still in beta stages but for right now the levels are:

  1. Warning
  2. Warning
  3. Kick
  4. Temp ban
  5. Permanent Ban

Config Options

  • How long a player is banned for (in time format of essentials)
  • Reasons for banning

Sample Config

#default time banned
Bantime: 30s
#define your own reasons (format reason:reasonmessage) reson must be one word, case sensitive
Swear: No swearing
Greifing: Greifing is forbidden on this server

In the example above if a staff were to punish example for swear and it was there first time in trouble they would see: Warning: No swearing


  • /punish - shows help page
  • /punish help - shows help page
  • /punish level - shows your punishment level
  • /punish level <player> - shows punishment level of <player>
  • /punish reset <player> - sets punishment level back to 0
  • /punish set <player> <amount> - sets punishment level to <amount>
  • /punish <player> <reason> - punishes <player> for <reason>


  • punishmanager.punish.use - allows use of /punish <player> <reason>
  • punishmanager.punish.excempt - forbids player from being punished
  • punishmanager.punish.use.level - allows use of /punish level
  • punishmanager.punish.use.levelOther - checks level of another player
  • punishmanager.punish.use.help - allows use of help page
  • punishmanager.punish.use.reset - allows use of /punish reset
  • punishmanager.punish.use.set - allows use of /punish set

Known bugs

  • Punish level does not save(not a bug but i don't know how to make it save)



To Do (Note: Items marked done will be included in next update)

  • Save hashmap DONE!
  • Add name color based on level(maybe) DONE!
  • Add voting DONE!
  • Update to 1.4.7 DONE!

Development Stage

Current status of next release: Testing


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