I have marked this project as inactive, as I have partnered with GPSforLEGENDS, a developer with a base plugin very similar to this one. PUNISHER WILL REMAIN MARKED AS INACTIVE UNTIL WE DETERMINE WHICH CODE TO FURTHER DEVELOP. Thank You.

For Project status, and information about what's currently happening, please go here: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/in-dev-punisher-a-forced-mod-collaboration-plugin.194544/

Punisher is a simple plugin that's designed to simplify the job of Server Staff. by allowing admins and mods the ability to type a single command to add what are essentially "demerit points" to the player's total. When the config is complete, you will be able to define custom reasons, (like "nose-picker") and how many points that reason adds.

Features: - One command - Easy to use - can have actions (kick,ban,tempban,mute,ect.) assigned to a specific number of points - points can be rewarded back - players are able to view how many points they have

Commands: - /punish [reason/action] <Player> - This is the admin command used to award points to players. - /howclose - the player command, used for checking how many strikes they have, how many strikes until the next action takes place, ect.

Permissions: - punisher.command.punish.* - this is the admin command permission. It grants permission to use all reasons. - punisher.checkself - this is the node a player must have to use the "/howclose" command. - punisher.command.punish[reason] this allows control over what reasons - punisher.denypoint - the permission node for a player to be "unpunishable"

To Do: - Player-reported incidents (Ticket System) - Automatic detection of rule-breaking where possible (like Spamming, Hacking, ect.) - Autocompletion of Usernames - any decent suggestion

Finished: - Config - Permissions


  • [[URL|lhttp://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/punisher/pages/setup/permissions/]]


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