Pumpkin Carving


The 1.8 update breaks the method previously used for not showing the pumpkin face. I am looking into how to make this plugin work as intended again for 1.8 servers.

Brief Summary

Pumpkin Carving adds the game realism that pumpkins do not naturally grow with faces. Pumpkins must be carved with an axe to have a normal with-face appearance.


  • Pumpkins grow "faceless"
  • A broken faceless pumpkin drops a pumpkin item with custom name and lore
  • Placing an "uncarved" pumpkin item will result in placing a faceless pumpkin
  • Using any axe on a placed faceless pumpkin will carve it (turn it into vanilla pumpkin)
  • Players in Creative mode will not have axes damaged by carving

Plugin has soft/optional dependency on WorldEdit to prevent selection wand from getting used as carving tool.


  1. Download jar and add into your plugin folder.
  2. Restart server.
  3. Tweak config if desired


uncarved-name: Faceless Pumpkin

Name appears both when you highlight the pumpkin item in your hotbar and while hovering it in your inventory. Has italic style in inventory.

uncarved-lore: Uncarved

Lore appears only while hovering the pumpkin item in your inventory. Has purple color.


There are no commands/permissions distinguishing who gets what pumpkins. Everybody gets faceless pumpkins.

For reloading the configuration, a player must be OP or have the permission node pumpkincarving.admin

The command for reloading is /pumpkincarving reload and /pumpkincarving alone will show plugin version and reload command usage.

/pcarv and /pcarving are command aliases.


This plugin no longer uses Hidendra's Metrics and no replacement has been added.


This plugin concept was requested on the Bukkit forums by LordDarthBob.


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