PTweaks V5.0!


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    Nov 1, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.4.2



  • PERMISSIONS FIXED! (ptml.has) now fully working!
  • Ram re-iterated.
  • PeformanceTweaks loop rewriten
  • OPs bypass permission check
  • ChunkSender development continued
  • TileEntity events changed to .class b (was a)
  • Chunk query a lot quicker
  • Compiled against 1.4.2 Bukkit Build
  • Spigot compatibility added
  • Other plugins should take priority now
  • Dynamic View distance improved
  • Removed util class
  • Changed all color schemes


  • Chunk Persistence Query threading, completely changed
  • New Algorithm for chunk loading (Not finished)
  • Threaded Save - Optimized / redone for 1.3 Servers
  • New ClassFile ChunkSaver
  • Ram output changed to be more precise (More updates coming)
  • Chunk Storing and gathering design changed
  • Player Movement changed ("String s = c.getWorld() + ";" + c.getX() + ";" + c.getZ();") ("int x = event.getPlayer().getLocation().getBlockX() / 16;")
  • Prune timing is now a cycle event for the chunks
  • Title Entity level changed on each call to "[x|z] * 64"
  • AutoSaveStoper re-designed, Time limits don't slowdown from tick rate drops
  • OnEnable ,getting world much improved
  • Some "chunkCoordIntPairQueue" have been moved to PlayerMoveEvents (Only some)
  • Complied and updated to 1.3.1 Bukkit and 1.3.2.
  • MonsterLimit has had a major revamp, and now concurrently works flawlessly. More changes soon though.
  • Call list no longer needs to be updated ever 20 Ticks, saving resources
  • Each startup has added "this.cSender = new ChunkSender(this);" Not enabled yet, however.
  • The clear cycle has been changed to "if(freeMem() < 60L) {"
  • Ram Update: Now tracks Max, Free, and Total memory. Removed dupe errors
  • Chunk loading and sending task no longer synced, so they can run on the same resources at different times
  • Mobs never turn off, or get reallowed after maxing the limit
  • Server Restarts don't ruin or change settings any longer
  • Fixed bug: Mobs random floating
  • Fixed bug: Randomly falling into the ground
  • Fixed bug: Kicked for AFK when flying
  • Fixed bug: God Mobs after restarts
  • Fixed bug: Ram outputs saying incorrect information on <1024MB servers
  • Fixed bug: Falling into void when loading new chunks
  • Fixed bug: Threaded Save causing server slowdowns / lag.
  • Fixed bug: Chunks not loading properly at all