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    Oct 12, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1240



  • All features getWorld instead of getServer
  • Added New Feature "Ram"
  • Added New Command /ram
  • Added New permission ram.has
  • Auto Save stopper now slows down process's
  • Old code in Updated
  • Fixed torches light not going out when broken


  • Fixed Remove animals being there twice
  • Fixed Ea, Enabling Mobs.
  • Fixed Ra, Disabling Mobs
  • Fixed Enable mobs not working
  • Fixed Plugin.yml to say correct version instead of 1.5
  • Fixed Enable Animals not working correctly
  • Thanks @pegasus for pointing out the RA being duped.


  • Chunks Mini-save is now a little slower, this takes up less CPU
  • Mob limit isn't only on Death and Spawn, but chunk load as well.
  • Fixed OnEnable and OnDisable leaving extra notes in console.
  • Updated for CB #1240


  • Fixed CPU taking up extra resources for no reason
  • Fixed Ptweaks error string


  • Added Ptweaks Version 1.2 (C-V)
  • Updated to work with CB: 1185
  • Please leave feed back!
  • If you find any bugs, Please let me know immediately!