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Proximity Mines is a bukkit plugin which adds different tier motion sensor explosives into Minecraft! If you ever wanted to protect your base with land mines and explosives, this is the plugin for you! Currently in its beta release Proximity Mines features 3 different tier explosives that are really simple to create and to use:

Will be doing a full rewrite soon and moving the plugin to a different location on DBO. I will post link once complete


  • Tier 1 proximity mine: This land mine is the lowest tier explosive, created by placing TNT on top of a iron block. The explosive size by default is about that of a normal TNT explosion
  • Tier 2 proximity mine: This is the middle tier explosive in the plugin and can be created by placing TNT on top of a gold block. It's explosion size is slightly greater than the tier 1 mine by default but like all mines can be configured to whatever size suits your server the best.
  • Tier 3 proximity mine: The tier 3 mine is the most powerful out of the other explosives and is created by placing TNT on top of a diamond block.


  • /pmine This is the Proximity Mines plugin base command, to execute a command from Proximity-Mines, first type /pmine followed by the command (e.g. /pmine info)
  • /pmine info Gives plugin information about the the version you are using.
  • /pmine reload Reloads the Proximity Mines configuration file.


  • pmine.create This permission node allows players to create proximity mines. It is available to all permission groups by default
  • pmine.admin This makes players invulnerable to all proximity mines. This node is not default and must be added for use.


  • Proximity Mines sends statistics about the usage of the plugin to If you do not want these statistics collected then you can disable in the configuration file by setting the value enable-metrics to false


If you like Proximity Mines and want to show your appreciation for all the hard work I do, constantly updating and revising all of my plugins. Please consider donating any amount in order to support more plugin development and so that I can continue to maintain this project!


How To Use

In the following pictures, red squares represent blocks that would explode if stepped on and green squares represent blocks that would not!

A Tier 1 Proximity Mine

This image is an example of a tier 1 proximity mine, armed and ready to explode. If another player were to walk over the grass block above the TNT the mine would explode.

How To Setup

This is a picture of how a player would setup a proximity mine, first placing a iron, gold or diamond block 3 meters down to represent the tier explosive, and then a TNT block on top of that. Being very careful to make sure that they are standing in the corners of the mine so that they do not blow themselves up!


To install Proximity Mines just complete the following steps

  1. Download the latest stable release for whatever minecraft version you are looking for
  2. Drop the download directly in your plugins directory
  3. Restart or reload your server


Explosion Size

  • explosion-size-tier-1: 5
  • explosion-size-tier-2: 10
  • explosion-size-tier-3: 15

The explosion size is changeable for each of the three tier explosives, the explosion-size-tier-1 integer will change the size of the explosion for tier one proximity mines, the default is 5, explosion-size-tier-2 will change tier two mines, default is 10, and explosion-size-tier-3 for the tier threes default being 15. A scale of explosion sizes is as follows: 1-3 = small, 4 = normal, 5-12 = large, 15-30 = very large, >50 looks stupid :P


Potion Effect Warning

  • give-warning-tier-1: true
  • give-warning-tier-2: true
  • give-warning-tier-3: true

The give-warning values change whether or not their respective tier proximity mines should give a slight warning if someone is about to step on them. This is done by giving the unknowing wanderer a small potion effect to warn them of imminent threats if they are a couple blocks away. _________________________________________________________________________

Damage Modifer

  • damage-modifier-tier-1: 0
  • damage-modifier-tier-2: 0
  • damage-modifier-tier-3: 0

These values effect the damage the proximity mines deal when activated. Once again the values are separated by explosive tier so that you can change the values for tier one, two, and three separately. The values can range from -8 to anything higher, a negative value indicates that the damage given off by that specific tier proximity mine is less than the default, positive values increase the default damage given.


enable-metrics: true

This value changes whether or not statistics concerning the plugin are sent to the website where all the data that is collected is visible to everyone. If you do not want to participate you can set the value to false.

To-Do List

So many changes and updates coming out in the release of the plugin i couldn't even list them all out :P


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