ProtocolLib 2.4.1


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    Apr 9, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.5.1-R0.1


This is a minor update that addresses a couple of compatibility issues - particularly with CraftBukkit forks such as Spigot - along with improvement in performance and features (a filter system and better fuzzy reflection). I've also marked Minecraft 1.5.1 as compatible, removing the warning message during startup.

Among the more interesting new features is the filter system - it uses the built in JavaScript interpreter in JVM 6 (Rhino) to extend the packet command with filtering capabilities - it is now possible to, say, only print entity metadata packet events (packet add server 40) for a given entity ID:

> packet add server 40 true
Added listener ListeningWhitelist{priority=MONITOR, packets=[40]}
> filter add entity_filter 40
Enter filter program ('}' to complete or CANCEL):
function(event, packet) {
>   return packet.a == 1000; 
Added filter entity_filter.

This should be much more convenient than having to compile a test plugin and reload the whole server. Note that this feature is disabled by default for security reasons. To enable it, add "debug: true" to config.yml.

For more information about all the other changes, consult the change log.

Change log


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