ProtocolLib 2.2.0


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    Feb 5, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0


This update adds support for the upcoming improved network connection system (Netty) in Spigot, along with experimental projects such as MCPC-Plus 1.4.7 that can run normal Minecraft mods and Bukkit plugins together on the same server.


Support for Spigot Netty was added through a direct collaboration with md-5 (the maintainer), using a clean and officially sanctioned API. This makes it very stable and efficient, especially in comparison to the existing method. However, it's not yet included in the main branch of Spigot, but it will probably be out in the latest snapshot of Spigot soon.

Compatibility with MCPC-Plus has been included, though through the usual means of reflection and code generation. The biggest hurdle here is the fact that most classes has been re-obfuscated in order to support Minecraft mods, so ProtocolLib will now attempt to probe known classes for the changed name of each NMS class it uses. This is a fairly generic method that will also make ProtocolLib resistant against future possible changes in CraftBukkit.

This probing technique is implemented in the form of a reusable "fuzzy reflection" library (under com.comphenix.protocol.reflection.fuzzy) that can be accessed by other plugins if they so chooses. Plugins authors should also consider depending on MinecraftReflection, as it gives access to NMS classes regardless of their name thanks to the compatibility of MCPC.

Finally, I've also fixed a number of bugs, including one that would prevent plugins from sending and simulating "receiving" packets during player login.

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