ProtocolLib 1.8.0


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    Dec 10, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.5-R0.2


This update addresses the looming CraftBukkit update (1.4.5-R0.3) that will break a number of plugins that rely on native/internal code (NMS and OBC). ProtocolLib is now compatible with the recent developer build, and as always, any previous releases. So even if you're not having any issues at moment, you should still consider upgrading as it will prevent future problems.

Unfortunately, I did had to break certain parts of the API (getHandle() now returns Object), which may cause some plugins that depend on ProtocolLib to malfunction. You should downgrade ProtocolLib and wait for those plugins to update, if this problem presets itself.

New features

Bug fixes

Small fixes

Confirmed: Orebfuscator 1.7.6 and older is incompatible. Orebfuscator 1.7.7 works with PL 1.8.0, but only on the newest developer build.

Works for CraftBukkit 1.4.5-R0.3, even though the version field says 1.4.5-R0.2.