ProtocolLib 1.5.1


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    Nov 3, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.2-R0.2


This update mainly addresses a couple of bugs (ticket 5 and ticket 6), but it also adds a couple of new features.

The first feature is the ability to check and download a new version of ProtocolLib within the game. You still need to restart or reload the server in order to actually apply the new update, but it should be much easier to keep up with the new versions this way. It will also perform the update and download automatically, unless specifically disabled in the configuration.

In addition, I've added a debug command (packet) that allows plugin authors to easily add a simple packet listener for any arbitrary packet ID. That way, it's not necessary to write a small debug plugin in order to just check when a packet is sent, and the content of the packet.

Both commands are only available to operators, unless users are specifically given the permission "protocol.admin". In addition, the permission "" controls whether or not users are notified of any errors or updates regarding ProtocolLib.

There's also a new "packet timeout" listener. It allows plugins to specify a custom behavior when a packet has timed out during asynchronous processing. For instance, one might consider recreating the packet with updated data after a certain amount of time, instead of just dropping the packet.


Bug fixes

Small fixes

On the first run, ProtocolLib will check for new updates every 60 seconds instead of every 12 hours, as it is supposed to. To fix this, reload or restart the server.