ProtectionStones 1.9f


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    Feb 27, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.2-R0.3


ProtectionStones 1.9f

New and Changed:

"/ps center" command (permission:, defaulted to true), which shows glowstone for 1 minute at 10 places: the center of the region, and the center at the player's feet, also those two positions in the north, south, east, and west areas so you can place a PS of the same size and make them cover the area with out gaps or overlaps.

Removed the "/ps info region" command and created a new "/ps info" (permission:, this reports the region info, colored and formatted to look very similar to WorldGuard's "/rg info" command.

Colored all the "/ps info" sub commands to make the more readable.

Changed "/ps reclaim" so it will work even if you aren't using the PS Auto Hide Option.

Added a new Priority Setting in the config.yml file (defaulted to 0), which will set newly created PS regions to that priority level.

Added a new Region.SaveTimer Setting to the config.yml file (defaulted to -1), also the WG Regions for all worlds are saved on server restart or if the plugins are /reload(ed).

-1 = Save after all PS region changes (which is the current default for older versions of PS.

0 = Don't save PS region changes, which would only get saved on the restart or reload.

n = A number meaning how many minutes to wait until the next PS region save. This number is in minutes. Don't set it to low or you will cause large amounts of server lag, If you use this setting the first save happens five minutes after the server starts, and then one each time your time limit is reached.

Compiled for Bukkit 1.7.2 (Dev Build)

Incompatible with PreciousStones, they both act on the same kind of ore blocks and both have the same command name of "/ps".