ProtectionStones 1.6


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    Feb 9, 2012
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  • CB 1.1-R3


ProtectionStones 1.6


I'm still not happy with the View Command so the temporary version will remain in 1.6.

I hoped to get the new Convert Command into this version. This would allow you to rename a region, and make it a regular WorldGuard Region. The main problem is that WorldGuard doesn't appear to have a means to rename regions, so for now, I skipped it.

Alerts and Logging still haven't been added for one simple reason, on the surface they seam like simple features the problem is how to implement them and what level of control to give to ops.


The "Fix" Command has been changed to "unhide", and the permission has changed also.


Added a couple of new configuration features, the first one is the new World Exclusion Options:




Add a world to the WORLDS List (seperated by spaces) and that world will not allow ProtectionStone Regions to be created.

The PLACEMENT option set to false will give you a message in the excluded world that you can't place a ProtectionStone, set it to true and you will be able to place the stone, but you will not generate a ProtectionStone Region.

The other new configuration option is the new Explosion Detection Feature.

If your world allows TNT Explosions then this will give you some options.

Explosion.DETECTION: off

Set to "off" will ignore TNT checks all together, this is the default. Set to "remove" and if your ProtectionStone is destroyed in an explosion your region will also be removed. And finally set to "protect" and not only your stone is protected but also your whole region is protected from the explosion.

New Commands:

"/ps info owners" shows the list of owners in your region.

"/ps addowner {playername}" adds an owner to your region.

"/ps removeowner {playername}" removes an owner from your region.

"/ps region regen {playername}" removes all the player's regions and regenerates them back to their original map state.

"/ps hide" hides your stone so it can't be broken, or to let you build where it is.

"/ps unhide" unhides the stone or "fixes" (replaces the /ps fix command) it if it was removed in world (other than players breaking it.)

"/ps toggle" turns on an off the ProtectStones Placement, if you are in the off position, your stones won't generate WorldGuard Regions.



description: Overrides in region commands owner checks

default: op


description: Allow Use of Owners Commands

default: op


description: Allow Use of Toggle Command

default: op


description: Allow Use of Hide Command

default: true


description: Allow Use of Unhide Command

default: true

Incompatible with PreciousStones, they both act on the same kind of ore blocks and both have the same command name of "/ps".