ProtectionStones 1.5


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    Jan 25, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.0.1-R1


ProtectionStones 1.5


Region Overlap Checking (Blocks overlapping regions when placing ProtectionStones). No more players overlapping your area. You can only overlap regions you own.

ProtectionStones No Drop (one time use option) Breaking a ProtectionStone still remove your region but you won't get the ProtectionStone back. Default is the old behavior of dropping the ProtectionStone to be reused.

Group Block Limiting (you will be able to use the Global Region.LIMIT or the new Group Limits). This allows you to place a player in one of five groups, and each group has it's own configurable block limit, which also includes "0" for no blocks, and "-1" for unlimited blocks just like Region.LIMIT.

Two New Commands:

"/ps view" displays four glass blocks at the height of the player's feet for thirty seconds. This will allow you to check your region's boundaries. This command is temporary until I can create a better and faster version. Use at your own risk the four blocks created are the four corners inside your region, and are destructive. So whatever blocks are in those locations are destroyed and replaced with glass blocks, after thirty seconds the glass blocks are destroyed, the original blocks are not replaced.

Also, there is no "cool down" period, so a player could fire this command over and over again causing server lag.

By default it's permission "protectionstones.view" is set to false.

"/ps fix" will replace a missing ProtectionStone. For example: If you allow TNT to be used on your server and someone blows up your ProtectionStone. The WorldGuard Region still exists, so just enter your region and use the command and the missing stone will be replaced.

I'm doing it this way because of the amount of server lag that could be produced by constantly checking if a stone gets broken by all the means that could destroy it. Normally the WorldGuard Region (or if WorldGuard is set to block TNT, Creeper, and other explosions) would protect the ProtectionStone.

The Fix Command also has it's own permission "protectionstones.fix" which defaults to true.

Incompatible with PreciousStones, they both act on the same kind of ore blocks and both have the same command name of "/ps".