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What is it?
Protection is the next generation of bukkit protection plugins. Think of it as the godfather of all other protection plugins. It's going to be simple to use and easy to set up. We understand that server admin have other things to do then running around for members setting up protections. So this will be 100% self-service, whilst still remaining simple to use. Yes, it does have Vault support.

The plugin will allow users to create a protection with just two commands, thats right just two! You will be able to set the size paramaters in the config file, you can also have multiple size protections. You can also set what protections the users will get by default, this can be anything from switching gamemode when you enter the protection, no wither damage or just about anything else you can think of.

It will also feature a invite system, so users can invite there friends to come build with them.

Where can I download it?
It is currently in development, we are looking to have the plugin realeased by the time bukkit goes 1.4.2(stable). If you would like to help with the development, shoot me a PM.

Any special features?
Lots of them! We will also be developing a DynMap plugin to go along with it.
We'll also be be creating a option in the config to create a plot world, with protections "already set up", user just has to type a command.
Maybe even a web interface, to make it even simpler to configure and use!


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