Promotion server plugin


Name: Promotion (Previously known as RankUp)
Version: 1.0

A continuing work on toalec Rankup plugin ( Rankup plugin ). The base functionality is the ability for users on the server to switch permission group through Signs/Chat/Commands. You are able to configure transitions between groups from configuration.

The first version is planned to handle the base functionality of Rankup with support for latest PermissionsEx at Release. The commands will stay the same as RankUp Commands so that users of RankUp will be able to use Promotion the same way. The config.yml file will also look the same.

As an example your users on the servers are able to type a magical word in the chat like "MakeMeAdmin" and your permissions are updated. Or that new players on your servers right-click a sign to become members. It is also possible to use this to promote quest based permissions and more.

With the first release also comes functionality connected to mcMMO where you can set mcMMO levels so that you atomatically switch rank when you reach that level.


  • Allows for easy GreyListing
  • Individual Permissions for each package
  • Supports PermissionsEx (permissionsBukkit not tested but code is there)
  • The target player of /rankup <player> does not have to be online(They have to have alteast logged in once though)
  • Easy to set up using commands from in-game or the console(which uses the same commands but without the /).
  • Supports multiple packages
  • Supports promotions based on mcMMO level.

Currently developed with Bukkit 1.2.5 R1.0 and latest build of PermissionsEx/mcMMO


More information will be created when first version is released like commands, Example configs and maybe video.


I want to thank toalec for the original version of Rankup and coolblinger wich inspired toalec for ranks via sign.


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