What: Promote! is a simple rank-up plugin that allows players to use a single command - `/rankup` - to move up in the promotional ladder defined in the configuration. Simple and lightweight, this plugin does not contain any unnecessary tweaks or features. It is easy to set up and easy to use.

Why: There are quite a handful of promotion or rank-up plugins on the Bukkit Dev, however, most of them are either filled with bugs, are out of date, or littered with features that no one wants. Promote! was designed to be as sturdy as possible; you will likely never need to update it at all. It is simple as a brick; there is simply nothing there to break.

How: In order to provide compatibility with as many permissions and economy plugins as possible, Promote! depends on Vault, a framework that works extremely well with the majority of popular plugins. You can download the latest version of Vault here.

+ Promote!
+ Vault


Promote! does not have a whole lot in terms of configuration. The default configuration and explanation can be found here.


Promote! has a staggering total of one command.

/rankup will promote the user to the higher rank in the current promotion ladder. If the player is not in the ladder, is at the top of the ladder, does not have enough money, or does not have his pants pulled all the way up, the promotion will not occur.

/rankup [ladder] will promote the user to a higher rank in the specified ladder.

/rankup reload will load the configuration from file.


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