It is recommended to have Multiverse-Core installed on your server !
It provides a better world managment ;)

Commands and Permissions

/hg join - hungergames.join - Join the current game.
/hg leave - hungergames.leave - Leave the current game.
/hg infos - hungergames.infos - View infos about the current game.
/hg winners <page> - - View the winners.
/hg kit create <name> - hungergames.kits.create - Create a kit. Supports colors :D
/hg kit delete <name> - hungergames.kits.delete - Delete a kit. You must include the colors codes (if any).
/hg setlobby - hungergames.lobby.set - Set the lobby's spawn to your current position.

Create a kit

As of v0.5.5, you can create kits !
Use /hg kit create <name> to create a kit (supports colors). The first item of your inventory is used to be the icon. Players need to have the permission hungergames.kits.use to obtain a kit. That's all ! You can delete a kit with /hg kit delete <name>.

Example : /hg kit create &7Iron. Create a kit with the name Iron in gray. You can delete it with /hg kit delete &7Iron.

Please, if you want to give armor, do not wear it ! The plugin takes only your inventory but not your armor !

What is the file "config-data" ?

It where the plugin stores its data. You can edit it so you can add kits, rewards and random items. I have added examples, please keep the same format !


VERSIONLeave as it ! Only for future updates.
enablemetricsEnable the Skyupdater.
updaterEnable MetricsLite.
bungeeserver-namePut the Bungee server's name of this server (if any).
bugs-reportenableIf you want to enable automatics bugs reports.
your-nameYour name. By default, it is the server's name.
your-mailYour email. You can enter fake data if you want ;)
mapsfolderThe maps folder.
game-rulesChoose the gamerules you want to apply.
default-timeThe default world time.
generateenableGenerate the current map (the maps folder is useless if you set this option to "true").
map-nameThe name of the generated world (if enabled).
bordersenableIf you want to add some borders to your world.
radiusThe border radius.
typeCan be "INVISIBLE", "SQUARE", "ROOFING", "CYLINDER" or "VOID". But you should leave "INVISIBLE" (less laggy and does not need WorldEdit. If you still want a physical border, please note that there is not any automatic protection on it).
materialThe material of your border (if you have set "Type" to "INVISIBLE" or "VOID", you can ignore this option). A list of available materials is available here.
metaUsed to determine the data of the border block (for the wool by example. If you have set "Type" to "INVISIBLE" or "VOID", you can ignore this option).
lobbyworldThe world of the lobby. Can be an existing world but not a map where you play.
spawnxThe X coord of the spawn.
yThe Y coord of the spawn.
zThe Z coord of the spawn.
countdowntimeThe time when the minimum players is reached.
exp-bar-levelDisplays the countdown in the exp bar of each player.
mob-barDisplays the countdown in the mob bar (same bar as the Enderdragon).
protectIf you want to prevent griefing on your lobby. Useless if you have WorldGuard or something like this.
gamededicated-serverIf you want that players auto-join the game and cannot leave it.
min-playersThe requiered players to begin.
max-playersThe maximum players who can play (but if you enable spectators, they still able to join the game as spectators).
spawn-distanceThe random distance (generated from the spawn).
auto-sneakEnable auto sneaking (hide players names).
compass-nearest-playerThe compass will locate the nearest player if this option is enabled.
death-name-skyShow the name of dead players in the sky. Requires Effectlib.
random-itemsdelayThe maximum delay between two items spawns. Please note the delay itself is random.
chestsSpawn items in chests.
distanceThe random distance (generated from the spawn).
thunderingStrike a lightning effect on the random location.
motd-changeIf you want to change the motd (messages are in the configuration messages.yml).
countdowntimeBefore enable damages.
exp-bar-levelDisplays the countdown in the exp bar of each player.
mob-barDisplays the countdown in the mob bar (same bar as the Enderdragon).
death-soundsoundThe sound that is played (you have a list here.)
volumeThe volume of the sound (between 0 and 1).
pitchThe pitch of the sound (between 0 and 1).
enableUsed to enable (or disable) rewards.
bloodplayersEnable blood on players.
mobsEnable blood on mobs.
spectatorsenableEnable the spectators.
modeIf "GHOST_FACTORY" does not work, set the value to "INVISIBLE_POTION".
permissionschatIf spectators can chat.
pickup-itemsIf spectators can pickup items on the floor.
interactIf spectators can interact.
kitsselectornameThe name of the kits selector (and the inventory).
materialThe material of the kits selector. Use the same format than others materials.
permissionsEnable individual permission for each kit. The permission will be hungergames.kits.<kit-name> (colors codes are stripped).
logsconsoleIf you want to log actions on the console.
fileenableLog actions into a file.
directoryThe log directory. Only if enabled.

Error reports

How they work ?

From v0.5.3 to v0.6, when the plugin catch an error, it sends the stacktrace on a website called Skyost Pastes and, after that, sends it by e-mail to me. That's all. No others data are collected. You can disable those reports in the configuration.

As of v0.7, the plugin connects to the Project HungerGames' website and post the error log. I receive it in a dedicated mailbox (it avoids spam on my main mailbox).



Watch it here.


Watch it here.


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