CapsGuard was developed after i got annoyed with to many users spamming caps on my server. It has many features like word blocking, ignore certain caps words, set caps to lowercase if over certain percentage, cancel caps message if over certain percentage and i have much more planned. I like you to suggest features and i will add as many as i can. I hope you like this plugin.


  • /cg reload currently doesnt work properly with the new config.


  • Commands In-Game To Change Some Config Options
  • Option To Take Money From Player Using iConomy If They Use A Certain Percentage Of Caps (Having Problems With This But I Will Keep Trying... Sorry)
  • Make A Customizable Command Run When The Message Is Blocked By This Plugin (Might Not Be Possible)
  • Change Caps To Lowercase When Over The Specified Percentage (Implemented :D)


  • /cg reload this command will reload the config of the plugin


  • Blocks/Replace Caps Over A Configurable Percentage (Replace will make the whole sentance to lowercase)
  • Can Add Ignored Phrases/Words To The Config
  • Can Ignore All Phrases Under A Certain Length That Is Adjustable In The Config
  • Customizable Message When CAPS Message Is Blocked
  • Add Words To A Blocked List To Block Them
  • Customizable Message When Word Is Block
  • Permissions To Bypass Caps Block And Specified Word Block
  • Admin Alerts On Caps Or Blocked Word

Permissions (SuperPerms)

  • capsguard.bypass.caps this permission bypasses the caps block (defaults to OP)
  • capsguard.bypass.blocked this permission bypasses the blocked words (default to OP)
  • capsguard.alert.caps this permission alerts the user to someone using caps
  • capsguard.alert.blocked this permission alerts the user to someone using a blocked word and tells them which word it was
    • I have tested these permissions with PermissionsEx and i will not be testing with other permissions plugins... sorry**


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