v4.2 [O'Carolan]


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    Mar 4, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.1-R6


  • Fixed a NullPointerException that could occur if economy was enabled
  • Fixed an error in /setspawn caused by a syntax error in the message format, and improved error handling for such cases
  • Fixed some bugs with the /mode command not accepting some valid arguments
  • /mode <world> <mode> will set the mode of everyone in world <world>
  • Giving someone a permission of general.gamemode.force.survival in a world will cause General to set their game mode to survival when they teleport into that world. This works in reverse to (use general.gamemode.force.creative). Don't give someone both permissions.
  • New config value "away-defaults: true" will cause the /away command to use a default away message if you use "/away" without an argument when you are not marked as away. The actual message is taken from the "default-away-msg" key.
  • Enhanced /stop command added (/stop [delay] [message]). It takes an optional delay parameter and a message parameter; it waits for the specified delay (given in game time; same format as the /time command), then kicks all players and waits an additional 300 ticks (during which it doesn't accept logins) before shutting down. If you don't specify a delay, though, it shuts down immediately just like before, no 300-tick delay. It also skips the 300-tick delay if there are no players currently online. The message is used as the kick message. Permissions are "general.stop" and "general.stop.now" (the latter is needed to omit the delay parameter or use a delay less than 100 ticks).
  • /give and /take support vanilla 4-argument syntax: <player> <item> <amount> <data>
  • /take with no arguments takes the current item in your hand (on the quickbar).
  • Better validation of enchantments. Note, this means you can't add enchantments above the max levels at the moment. It also throws an error if you try to add conflicting enchantments (however, the only enchantments considered to be conflicting are silk touch and fortune).
  • /give xp 0 now gives a full experience level, as does /items xp.
  • The syntax for using /items and /masstake on another player has changed. You now need to do "/items <item list> -> <player>" and "/masstake <item list> <- <player>".
  • All info commands deny access to information about invisible players (though they do reveal the existence of such players), unless you have the "general.invisible-info" permission. The "playerlist.show-invisible" key can be set to true to disable this for the /playerlist command only.
  • Kits can now include enchanted items.
  • /take xp and /masstake xp now work. /take xp 0 takes all xp (you can also do /clear xp for the same effect); /masstake xp takes one experience level.
  • Fix /getpos compass; it didn't work at all and just always returned ERR as the direction.
  • Add /clear chat command, which empties the screen of chat messages.
  • The /whoami command now accepts multiple parameters specifying which info you want to see.
  • The /ban and /pardon commands now support IP addresses, both IPv4 and IPv6. You can mix these with player names in a command (recall that you can specify any number of parameters and it'll ban/pardon all of them).
  • Now supports Bukkit help.
    • This means that commands should be filtered according to your permissions
    • In fact the detailed info on commands is also filtered according to permissions. For example, in "/help inven.give", you won't see the note about giving infinite stacks if you don't have the general.give.infinite permission.
    • The *.help files in the General folder are still supported, and will show up as topics in the /help command listing. They even still load from the file every time they're invoked.
  • /take 0 will take an amount equal to the max stack size of the item, which is usually 64 (or 1 if it's a tool).
  • You can get spawn eggs of any entity. Not sure if this will do any good (I tried Ender Crystal and couldn't actually spawn it).
  • I'm not entirely sure if "playerlist.show-invisible" works, or if the "general.invisible-info" permission works.
  • Some of the help entries are incomplete (notably for /misc.mobspawn and /teleport.go). I can't figure out why this is, since the info is being added but Bukkit seems to be ignoring it.
  • Potion data is a bit strange; if you give a no-effect potion it'll tend to think it's called "null" for some reason.
  • To get help, you need to use the full name of the command including the category, so "inven.give", "chat.tell", "misc.time", "teleport.go", and so forth. This shouldn't be a major problem since the /help command lists them like this anyway.
  • Aliases are missing from the help output.