v4.1 [Dowland]


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    Feb 22, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.1-R4


  • Support for potions by name (eg /give potion/regenx).
  • Support huge mushroom data by name (eg topsw, stem).
  • The /items and /masstake commands now show you what items were skipped due to being invalid.
  • Fixed extraneous apostrophes in message output (you may need to edit/delete your messages_en.yml to see this though).
  • Support for the {magic} chat "colour" in the MOTD and messages.
  • Add support for spawning baby animals. (eg /mob mooshroom/baby, /mob sheep/pink/baby).
  • The /give command supports enchantments as extra arguments (eg /give dpick looting=2).
  • The /iteminfo command shows enchantments.
  • Fixed bugs in the line-splitting algorithm.
  • Updated readme! ;)
  • EconXP support (theoretically; I haven't tested that economy support still works)
  • The ant buildfile is now more self-sufficient; this should help if anyone wants to build General themselves.
  • The /who command now shows level, experience, and hunger.
  • New MOTD variables: {server} is the name of your server (as specified in server.properties), {level} is the player's level.
  • The /playerlist only shows players that are visible to the issuing player.
  • The /give command supports the pseudo-item xp, which you can use to give yourself (or someone else) experience points.

The structure of items.yml was somewhat changed, so you may want to delete your items.yml. If you've edited it, you can try merging them; the only places that changed are the "variants" section (which is now completely different), the addition of the "special" section, and some additional keys in the "names" section ("potions", "enchXX", and "xp").

The /general subcommands for editing the config, particularly those that edit items.yml, should not be used since they haven't been updated to understand recent changes.