v3.6 [Webern]


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    Aug 26, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1060
  • CB 1000
  • Beta 1.7.3


  • Refactored the entire command handling system to greatly reduce code duplication; also, reflection to find the command class is now done just once at load, rather than every time the command is used.
  • All messages are now customizable.
  • Automatically generating the default configurations should now work without issue, though they are included anyway just in case.
  • The /getpos command has changed; it's now /getpos player option.
    • The option is one of dir, direction, brief, pos, where, compass, full, short, long, facing, rotation, pointing, rotation, rot; some of those are synonyms for each other.
  • Try using /who (without arguments) from the console. ;)
  • The /whoami command also supports options, but since it doesn't work at the moment I won't list them now.
  • The /weather command has changed a bit; for more detail see the docs once they're updated. Basic usage is pretty much the same, it just supports more combinations.
  • The /tele there command now actually works, by which I mean you do not need to target the topmost block in a stack to be able to use the command. It will place you in the first available safe place vertically up from the targeted block.
  • Cooldown periods for /weather and /time now work. I haven't verified cooldowns for kits.
  • The /mobspawn command can now be used from the console. This is done by providing, as the final parameter, the destination at which you want the mob to spawn. Destinations are the same as for the /tele command. You can provide a destination even if you are not using the command from the console.
  • The general.teleport.instant permission now works with Permissions 2.x/3.x at least in theory. However, note that support for these systems will be removed altogether in General 4.0.
  • The /clear command no longer removes your armour by default. You can still remove armour using /clear all or /clear armour (the U is, as always, optional).
  • Names and aliases for mobs are now loaded from a new mobs.yml file, which will be automatically generated on first server start.
  • All past notations for colours are deprecated; this includes the &c notation, the &c; notation, and the &rose; notation. You should switch over to the new {rose} type notation, or use the Minecraft built-in §c notation.
  • Similarly, variables for the MOTD should now be written as {dname} rather than +dname or &dname;. In 3.6, the latter two will still work, but they will not work in General 4.0.
  • If you try to use a command for which you lack permission, General will now inform you which permissions node you were lacking that blocked it.
  • The general.teleport.instant permission is extended to allow you to specify a destination (general.teleport.targ.instant) or destination (general.teleport.to.dest.instant).
  • The teleport target mob was renamed to mobs, so if for example you game someone general.teleport.mob you'll need to change it to general.teleport.mob.
  • Fixed some config options not refreshing even if edited with the in-game commands.
  • Corrected a possible issue with /setspawn always showing usage info, even if it worked.
  • Added a /kick command: /kick player message
  • If someone tries to teleport but a warmup is required, they are now informed of this fact.
  • General reloads the config on a full server reload (this was disabled at some point for some reason).
  • There's code for handling commands from CraftIRC 3. I haven't tested if it actually works, though.
  • A new /general genlang command makes sure that the messages_en.yml file contains every message used by the plugin, so that someone wishing to translate can do so properly. Without using this, messages would be added as they are needed from the defaults.
  • The /whoami command does not work, and nor does the /who command without arguments.
  • The general.teleport.to.*.instant wildcard permission may not work.
  • Teleporting while in warmup from a previous teleport may have unexpected results.