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    Aug 12, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.6.2-R0.1


There are no web interface changes, so, if you wish to download the web interface, download it from v1.3.0. This download contains only the jar file and follow installation instructions there.

  • Additions
    • Players can no longer teleport during a match that they are in.
    • Players are automatically eliminated from a match if they sign out.
    • Tell a player which zone they should be doing into when they are fouled. (WorldGuard Match Automation Feature)
      • Update your Config by deleting the "PlayerFouled" and "MoveUpOneZone" messages to add this feature. If you do not want to delete the message, simply add "%zone" (Without Quotes) wherever you want the zone name to appear in the message.
    • Ability to set spectator spawn with /pb setspawn spectator.
      • If a player is in the arena when a match starts, they will be sent to the spectator spawn.
    • Added Team Challenging System
      • You must have TeamOne and TeamTwo spawns set in order for this to work.
      • Adds command /pb challenge [Team} to issue a challenge to a team.
      • Adds command /pb challenge accept [Team] to accept a team's challenge.
      • This checks if there is already a match going to prevent a new one from being started prematurely.
    • Players can no longer bend if they are not in the right zone.
      • Previously, players had no reason to follow foul guidelines. Now, if they are fouled and they refuse to move back, they can't bend until they get to their appropriate zone.
      • Additionally, if a player is required to move up, they cannot bend until they step into the appropriate zone.
    • The Config now contains a list of allowed Bending moves.
      • Write them out exactly as they appear in the /bending display if you wish to add abilities to the list.
      • By default, AirSwipe, WaterManipulation, EarthBlast, and FireBlast are allowed.
      • Players will receive a message when they are not allowed to bend a specific move.
    • Players with the probending.team.disband.others permission may use /pb team disband [Team] to disband other teams. (Requested by codiaz, I think).
  • Fixes
    • Remove some Zone Auto Teleportation.
    • Plugin now properly adjusts all player zones when they are allowed to move up. Previously it only let one player on each side move up.