This plugin will protect your players chests, furnaces and dispensers against all sorts of griefing.


Players will not able to open each other's chests unless the chest is set to public or the owner of the chest has allowed the player to open the chest.



- Protects chests, furnaces and dispensers against griefing.

- Protects chests, furnaces and dispensers against moving (pistons)

- Allows players to make their chest, furnace or dispenser public

- Allows players to give other players permission to open their chest, furnace or dispenser



/privatechest: displays all commands with explanation.
/privatechest makepublic: makes the next chest/furnace you open public.
/privatechest add <player>: allows the player to open this chest/furnace.



privatechest.placeagainst: allows players to place a chest against a private chest.

privatechest.remove: allows players to remove a private chest, furnace or dispenser. allows players to open all public chests, furnaces or dispensers.



1. Drag and Drop the plugin in the plugins folder + reload the server

2. Plugin is ready to be used!

This plugin will not work for chests that are places when the plugin is disabled, those chests will not be protected.

To fix this players simply have to replace their chests.




- Customisable messages

- Im open for all requests (:


If you encounter any bugs/problems with this plugin or have any suggestions/ideas,

don't hesitate to mail me at


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