Prison Mine 1.3

Tired of a tedious and complicated process of creating refillable mines on your prison server? Tired of different plugins not working together? Tired of people going straight for the diamonds, the location of which they remember? I have good news for you.

With PrisonMine, all you need to do is set up an area, set up the block ratios using an easy-to-remember command, and now you can set it to a randomized pattern using one command, any time you want, anywhere you want. Reset the mine manually through a command, let the timer decide when the reset should occur, or make the mine reset itself once it is mined out to a certain extent! Or let your players reset the mine by clicking a button, for a price that you set.

A must-have tool for all prison servers

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           + Issues

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           Optional Dependencies:
           + Vault
           + WorldEdit
PrisonSuite 1.3
PrisonMine 1.3


The plugin is packed the features; all of them are listed on the Commands page, but here's a quick glimpse:

  • Select a region with ease, either with built-in commands or with a World Edit wand
  • Add a custom block ratio - all materials supported
  • Reset the mine with one command or with a click on a sign!
  • Multiple generators – control the way your mine is to be reset
  • Set up an automatic reset timer for each of the mines
    • Link mines together and make them share the same timer
  • Teleport players out of the mine before it resets
  • Permissions support
    • Per-mine permissions!
  • Customizable messages to be broadcasted to players
  • Plugin update notifications


The most up-to-date tutorial was made by Koz4christ

Tutorial in Portuguese by AbsintoJ.

Outdated tutorial: Plugin Showcase: Mine Reset by MarchOfTheForsaken


Statistical Data Collection

This plugin utilizes Plugin Metrics, a tool used to collect anonymous data that will help me in the development of the plugin. Only basic information about the server is collected, no personal data is compromised. The full description of Plugin Metrics can be found on Bukkit Dev forums.

Development Builds

Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.


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