PrisonControl v.1.0- The Prison Server Manager!


Ever wanted great control over your Minecraft Prison Server? By request from @wdmc85 PrisonControl has been born. PrisonControl, not only allows you to protect your prison cells, but gives you full functionality of a Prison Cell. You, the administrator, can create spawn points, stack them, then enable new players to spawn at your set spawn points. You, the administrator, can create signs which expressing the owners of particular cells. You, the administrator, can administrate a Prison server properly.


  • Protection Regions for Prison Cells
  • Multiple spawn points for new players
  • Stackable spawn points
  • Signs which state who owns certain cells
  • Multiple worlds supported!


Instead of typing /pc, you may type /prisoncontrol .

  • /pc reload
    • Reloads the configuration for PrisonControl!
  • /pc setspawn <name>
    • Adds a spawn point under a certain name!
  • /pc setspawn Overflow
    • Sets the overflow spawn!
  • /pc delspawn <name>
    • Deletes a spawn under a name!
  • /pc delspawn Overflow
    • Deletes the Overflow spawn!
  • /pc addowner <name>
    • Sets a player's spawn to a spawn point and adds the player's name to cell signs.
  • /pc stack <name> <times> <amount>
    • Creates a spawn point some times every certain amount of blocks in the direction you are facing.
  • /pc spawn <name>
    • Teleports you to a spawn point.
  • /pc region <name> <p1 | p2>
    • Sets a region's corner as point one or two of the region based on where you are standing.
  • /pc region <name> <hpos1 | hpos2>
    • Sets a region's corner as point one or two of the region based on where you are looking.
  • /pc region <name> <out | raise | lower>
    • Expands a region outwards, upwards, or downwards.
  • /pc region <name> del
    • Deletes a region!

Cells Signs

Cell signs keep track of who spawns at a certain spawn point, which is useful if you would like to keep track of who spawns in a certain cell. To create a cell sign, create a sign with [Cell] <spawnname> as the top line, replacing <spawnname> with the name of your spawn point. If the spawn point is already created, the sign will change its first line to [Cell <spawnname], if it fits on one line. For every player (using /pc addowner) you add to the spawn point, it will add them to the sign.


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  1. Add ability to Buy/Sell Cells (@volderman)
  2. Add ability for cells to have an expiration date (@EpicRogueBuilder)
  3. Add feature to allow Cell signs to contain more than three players
  4. Add custom messages
  5. Add more aliases to commands
  6. Clean up code


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