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    Nov 2, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.6.4-R2.0



  • Fixed configuration bug that caused item-insert/remove rollbacks to skip without reason for some users
  • Adding block id/subid to chat display when -extended is used
  • Removed internal update notification to comply with newer bukkitdev policy


  • Added entity-leash and entity-unleash events to track when players leash/unleash animals.
  • Added support for tracking item-insert when the item stack is dragged across an inv
  • Fixed trapped chest item inserts/removes not being tracked properly
  • Rewrote inventory click tracking code, is no longer container-specific and will support modded inventories (Requires mcpc+)
  • Added debug data to ignore-config system to help track down config/perm issues
  • Adding check for max radius configs being lower than one, which effectively prevented radius parameters from working

Note: Prism-v1.6.3 is latest release compatible with Minecraft 1.5
Note: Prism-v1.6.3-MC1.4-Compat is for Minecraft 1.4 Only

Note: We will no longer be releasing an MC 1.4-Compatible version as the FTB team is moving towards Unleashed. We will soon have an official MC1.5 build. We have been working with the MCPC+ team to enable mod inventory tracking support in Prism.


Older changelogs available at: