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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.6.2-R0.1



  • Fixed horse variant not being applied on rollback
  • Properly tracking and restoring the owner of a horse/variant
  • Added support for tracking item insert/removes from horse (donkey/mule) chests
  • Added support for tracking item drops from horse/variants on death *Note: you cannot yet rollback inventory transactions for horses)
  • Adding a new permission node: prism.lookup.paginate - Allows pagination of results for those without prism.lookup permission.
  • Changed config option "allow-rollback-items-removed-from-container" to use hyphens instead of underscores. Same default value.
  • Fixing NPE on restoration of horse color value
  • Fixing wand query error if actions type parameter used
  • Updated to latest elixr, updates alias file for most 1.6 items

Note: Prism 2 is in the works with a complete database schema overhaul. Beta releases should be available in the coming weeks.


  • Built against bukkit for 1.6.2
  • Support for the new horse API
  • Grouped actions are now excluded if from a different day
  • Minor fix to purge rules type casting
  • Fix for material names having underscore in wands
  • Code cleanup

For Minecraft 1.5 support, please use Prism 1.6.3. For Minecraft 1.4, please use the Prism-v1.6.3-MC1.5-Compat.

Prism 1.6.3 & Prism-v1.6.3 for Minecraft 1.4

  • Moved the rollback/restore queries to async - the last queries needing this change. Larger databases that have been causing server lag on rollback will no longer do so, and we still handle the rollback safely on the main thread.
  • Added support for block data values for block placement/break alert configs. Use 'id:subid' or the standard format of just the id
  • Added support for block data values for ore alert configs. Use 'id:subid': '(color code)' or the standard format of just the id
  • Fixed ore alerts not working if block-break tracking turned off.
  • Attempting to better handle NPE errors for entity change block events on modded servers. Certain mod entities like Hydra throw errors.
  • Corrected minimum insert-per-batch logic, also removed hard-coded max of 5k.
  • Skipping adding firework effects when the color list is empty. Plugins may alter fireworks to give effects without colors, and bukkit throws an error when the color list is empty.
  • Attempting to avoid rollbacks for entities that do not properly conform to the bukkit api (thus throwing NPEs in prism).
  • Showing error message when invalid /pr view (subcommand) is used.
  • Fixed pagination index count error (by glguy)

Note: Prism-v1.6.3-MC1.4-Compat is for Minecraft 1.4 Only*


Older changelogs available at: