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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.5.1-R0.2



I spent a lot of time working through a wide variety of stability improvements to the 1.5 release, namely with database handling. represents an extremely stable version. Meanwhile, I continued work on a more new features, improvements, and fixes. Some of you have been bug testing the dev builds over the past few weeks and that feedback has been invaluable. With over 100 commits since,

I present Prism 1.6. Please be patient while we update our wiki

IMPORTANT: There are some minor configuration changes described below. Be sure to review them.

Additions / New Features

Small Additions
  • Setting your wand mode in-game now accepts item names as well as the ids.
  • Moved blacklist of entities we should never spawn to the config (default creeper).
  • Moved blacklist of blocks we should never roll back to the config (tnt, fire, lava).
  • Added support for properly tracking and restoring command blocks
  • Added tracking for item-insert/removes for jukeboxes
  • Added tracking for item-insert/removes for Minecart Hoppers
  • Tracking Hoppers/Hopper Minecarts picking up item drops
  • Tracking hoppers inserting items into a chest
  • Note: Hopper events are incredibly spammy because Hoppers only handle one item per event, which leads to like 100 million events recorded in a week for a server with 250 players a day. You must enable prism.track-hopper-item-events before any hopper pickups/inserts are recorded.
  • Tracking items that fall out of item frames as item-remove
  • Added support for properly tracking and restoring discs inside jukeboxes on break
  • Added pagination next/prev links, use /pr pg next, /pr pg prev.
  • We now track players eating cake. Use cake-eat
  • Added dragon-eat to detect blocks destroyed by an enderdragon.
  • Added message about /pr ? to /pr command
  • Added missing pagination command to pr help.
Bind Parameters to Wands

You can now bind parameters to any of the three query-based wands. These parameters currently last only as long as the wand is active and they support nearly every single parameter Prism offers.

For example, activate a wand with parameters as if it was a lookup command:

/pr i a:break.

Max Radius Override Overhaul

Rather than allow you to enable radius overrides via the config, it's now a smarter system that works through permissions, for both lookups and appliers. It's much easier to limit these abilities to user groups instead of a simple on/off toggle.

  • Configuration max-radius-unless-overridden renamed to max-lookup-radius
  • Added configuration max-applier-radius - The max radius for rollback/restore/preview functions
  • Configuration limit-global-radius-override-to-lookups has been removed
  • Added permission node: prism.override-max-lookup-radius - Allows a user to override the max lookup radius. Defaults to off, so it must explicitly be set.
  • Added permission node: prism.override-max-applier-radius - Allows a user to override the max applier radius. Defaults to off, so it must explicitly be set.
New Radius Options
  • r:x,y,z:radius - Allow a radius around coordinates x,y,z
  • r:world - No radius, but limited to the current world or the world specificed by the w: parameter.
  • r:c - Limits the radius to the current chunk (x/z of the current chunk, from bedrock to world height)
Permission-Based Player/Action Ignores

In addition to being able to ignore worlds/players etc, you can now specify permission nodes for a specific action type (using prism.ignore.tracking.(action-type)). For example, if you want to ignore all admins using world edit, give their user group the following permission:


Share Lookup Results (Rub Griefer's Noses in it)

For any lookup, use the -share flag to mirror the results you see to another online player:

/pr l a:break -share=nasonfish

You may list multiple people, separated by commas. This would also allow a console user to share with an online player.

Share Rollback/Restore Previews

You can also use the share flag to share previews with other online players:

/pr pv rb a:break -share=nasonfish

The preview will be shown to the list of players and will be canceled as usual.

Chunk Boundary View

I've long needed this anyway, even outside of Prism, so it's a nice companion piece for the chunk radius. To view the edges of the chuck you're standing in, type:

/prism view chunk (or with aliases: /pr v c)

It will display a glowstone border around your current chunk. To disable the view, simply re-run the command.

Redesigned Teleport Command

Lookup results now show a result index number in the chat - it's a short number you can use to teleport to a record rather than typing out the long IDs.

/pr tp 1 - Will always teleport you to the first record in the most recent query.

You can still use the actual record id if you want, using the ID syntax:

/pr tp id:12345

You may also use the next/prev commands:

/pr tp next

Rollback/Restore of Item-Drop / Item-Pickup

You may now rollback or restore item-drop/pickup events for online players. The system will add the items back to the player's inventory and will also attempt to remove the item drop.

An example is to rollback items that a player lost on death:

/pr rb a:drop p:viveleroi t:5m r:global

Do keep in mind that the same warnings we give for container rollbacks apply here too. There's no assurance the items still remain in their inv, or as drops, and may not always be removed properly.

You must have the allow_rollback_items_removed_from_container configuration set to true.

Ore Alert Config Change

Instead of using a configuration node for each vanilla ore, we now use a configurable list of ore IDs and colors. This will allow users of modded servers to customize the list of non-vanilla blocks and the color of the alert messages.


  • Multiple item alias updates including 1.5 items, skulls, etc.
  • Corrected issues with subsequent purge queries not fully running.
  • Add smarter safety checks to applier+action combos that remove a block, so unexpected blocks will not be removed unless the overwrite flag is used.
  • Fixed NPE for wands activated without any wand name
  • Fixed piston base block not showing as broken when a player breaks the extension
  • Fixed bug with null player when block destroyed by enderdragon/ghast
  • Moving lookup/near/wand/ore monitor queries to async so the main thread won't wait for longer lookups
  • Always forcing inventory update after canceling a wand event so the item always re-appears properly
  • Skipping rollback applier extras if the player is null
  • Attempting to handle a null cause for an entity travel action
  • Removed initial delay on in-game delete command task


Elixr is a new library of code for Bukkit plugins. A solid collection of handy utilities including tons of methods for Block, Inventory, Chunk, Player, Entity, and more.

Each method is static and has no dependencies aside from Elixr itself.

It's still in a development status at the moment but it's available for use in your projects. It's got a maven repository so you're able to properly include it in your maven projects.

Currently, we're shading elixr into Prism, Craftys, InventoryToolkit, DarkMythos, dhmcDeath, and more.

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