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    Apr 10, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.5.1-R0.1



Requires CraftBukkit 2700+

  • Corrected an elusive bug that deleted the current item when using the wands.
  • Updated items database (has been updated in Prism 1.6 dev builds for some time)
  • Add snow/long-grass to the list of blocks we override by default
  • Catching any causes for hanging item spawns to be rejected, so the r/r/p task won't spin out of control
  • Adding a system to catch all exceptions raised during an applier process, so we properly mark it as skipped and remove from the queue.


Reminder: This is the Web User Interface

  • Adding a config option SORT_TIME_DESC to sort the results in most-recent-first. This can really hurt extremely large data sets so those of you who like paginating a million rows can turn this off for faster queries.
  • Adding a very basic result count caching system that won't re-query for the total results unless the conditions have changed, so non-time based pagination actions are much faster.
  • Adding support for Prism 1.5
  • Adding support for both block names, and block IDs
  • Splitting timeframe field into a before/after for date ranges
  • Adding WEB_UI_DEBUG config option to return the generated query for ajax calls. Don't use unless asked.
  • Round-up of changes/fixed available in builds available from our website but not uploaded to bukkitdev

Older changelogs available at: