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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0



Important A few query-related configuration options have been renamed for cleanliness and consistency, so that new configs added in 1.4 fit nicely. Please be sure you copy your old config, and modify those few values to match.

Config Improvements

All of the following configs have been moved to the prism.queries.___ section: prism.default-radius, prism.default-time-since, prism.max-radius-unless-overridden, prism.limit-global-radius-override-to-lookups

  • Adding config option for actions you wish to exclude from the inspection wand.
  • Adding config option for ignoring staff for ore alerts.
  • Adding new default and max radius configs for drain and ex commands. Note: the configs currently only apply to /pr drain and /pr ex commands and not actions related to a rollback.
  • Added new configs for lookup and near query limits, defaults equal what the system uses currently. I really see no reason you'd need to change this.
  • Adding config to disable all query defaults. Some servers use global rollbacks frequently and find the radius/time safety defaults too limiting. Be extremely careful if using this.

Misc New Features

  • New command aliases: /pr rb = rollback, pv = preview, rs = restore
  • Adding a staff alert for what appears to be a player attempting to exploit the vanilla piston xray trick.
  • player-chat now supports HeroChat 5. If you have HC, Prism will auto switch over to it's chat events.
  • Added tracking for blocks formed by entities (entity-form) (snow from snowmen)
  • Splitting entity-kill into two events: Adding player-kill event that refers to a player killing a mob. entity-kill now refers to mobs killing other mobs, or being killed naturally. however, rollbacks of a:kill will properly continue to restore dead mobs because it's a shortname that applies to both.
  • Properly tracking and restoring wolf collar colors and sitting state.
  • Added new extended log message, which shows the date/time stamp (moved from normal logs), id, world, and coords of each action. Off by default. It shows automatically for global radius lookups, can be shown with the -extended flag, or turned on by default in the config.
  • Lookups will now work from the console.
  • Global rollbacks and restores will now work from the console.
  • Adding a beta conversion script for CoreProtect 1.0 (MySQL format only) to our website

Item Rollback/Restore Revamp

  • Restores of a:remove and rollbacks of a:insert now work. They will remove the item/quantity as long as it exists in the container.
  • Item insert/removal events tracks the slot of the container so we can attempt to recreate the exact organization of items. If slots are unavailable it fails over to just adding the items back into the inventory/removing from the inventory.
  • If there's no free spot at all, the action is skipped.
  • Furnace fuel/contents item actions now rollback (will only work for actions recorded with 1.4+)
  • We now track items dropping from brewing stands when the stand is broken.
  • Brewing stand item events now rollback/restore properly (will only work for actions recorded with 1.4+)
  • Shift+Clicks that insert items into furnaces/brewing stands now record correctly.
  • Corrected the order of item-removes recording after a block-break so that an a:break,remove rollback works properly

Wands Overhaul

While it seems like nearly everyone is pleased with the current wand system, the number of people asking for a more customizable system finally got to me (though still a relatively small group). I personally have several reasons that I strongly dislike using blocks for the inspector but in order to make sure Prism has the most amazing, adaptable wand system ever, - I've overhauled it.

Wand Modes

There are now three wand modes: hand, item, block.

Server owners can define the default mode for all Prism users in the config. You may set the mode, which item is used, whether not to auto-equip the player with it, and more.

  • "hand" is the default and works as Prism does currently.
  • "item" allows you to set a default item-id that will be used as the wand.
  • "block" mode allows you to set a default block id, so you can replicate the way other rollback plugins work, with the placement of a block to mimic the right-click of hand/item actions. Using the block mode is not recommend to a high number of problems introduced by other plugins, inventory update problems, etc.


  • You may control whether or not the items are automatically given to players when the wands are activated.
  • If you have the item, we move it to your hand and swap out whatever you held before
  • If you do not have the item, we give you one
  • If we gave you a wand tool, we will also remove it when you disable the wand!

Personal Overrides

It's clear to me that people have very strong preferences as to how their wand tools should work. Prism is what you need. 1.4 introduces a new system that allows you to control personal settings. For now, it's only used for this feature but was designed to be easily extended in the future.

Any player can (if the server owner enables this feature) set their own wand mode and item. By default, every player will use the settings defined in the plugin config.

A player needs the prism.setmy.* or prism.setmy.wand permission node.

To set your own wand mode:

/pr setmy wand mode item (Use any of the three wand types above)

To set your own item/block:

/pr setmy wand item 280 (Use the item id or id:data of any material)

To reset your personalized settings:

/pr resetmy wand

Wand Permissions

  • New permissions for each wand, in the form of prism.wand.(type):
  • prism.wand.inspect
  • prism.wand.profile
  • prism.wand.rollback
  • prism.wand.restore
  • prism.wand.*
  • Wands are also properly limited to related perms if you have nothing more specific. prism.rollback for the rollback wand, prism.restore for restore wand, and prism.lookup for profile/inspect wands.

Misc Internal Stuff You Likely Don't Care About

  • Config reload confirmation message uses the proper chat styles.
  • Fixing mob rollback code to ensure they align to the center of the block.
  • Fixing an NPE with the teleport command when using an invalid id.
  • Fixing world edit data not properly tracking block data of replaced blocks.
  • Reducing default pool wait times to 30 seconds, from 60.
  • A lot of internal modifications to support addon plugins currently in heavy development.
  • Performance improvement: Each event exits immediately if not tracked, instead of handling it and passing to the recorder to decide.
  • Added a troubleshooting message that prints if mysql reports a "marked as crashed" error for the table.
  • Added debug code for database pool connection counts.
  • Correcting error when using report command from console with missing report argument.

Older changelogs available at: