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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0



  • Adding config to disable Metrics for users having its timeouts interfere with their server. (If you disable it, we hope you'll come by irc and tell us how you like Prism.)
  • Adding check for a very rare bed rollback error.
  • Adding a check for a null startup db connection even to catch link-failure db errors.


(1.3.1 re-uploaded due to minor versioning error)

  • All wands now work consistently, requiring air in the hand.
  • Fixed interact events not recording for players with wands active.
  • Minor cleanup of db connection handling for schema updater, table setup

Prism 1.3

1.3 is primarily a performance update. Prism sports a brand new database pooling system that is much
better about handling connections. Massive event logging in a short time period should no longer
cause "too many connections" errors. We've reduced the overhead of our own connection handling,
so query speeds for lookups or rollbacks/restores are much faster.

We've added several new configs to give server owners finer control over the database connections
so that it's easier to work around mysql server limitations you may not have control over.

Internal work:

  • Switching to the Apache Commonds-DBCP jdbc connection pooling.
  • Added config options for finer database connection control (you likely won't ever need to adjust these):
  • max pool size
  • length of time we wait for timeouts (in milliseconds)
  • number of queries used in batch insert statements (they can exceed extremely low (non-default) max_packet_size settings)
  • Added config (prism.queue-empty-tick-delay) for how many ticks between checking/saving actions from the queue.
  • Several internal performance improvements based on heavy profiling.
  • Migrated to maven to support some changes to our build process for the pooling.

  • Reversing a minor schema change that prevented negative Y-axis values. Too many people have odd reasons to be there.

If you have a server that allows people to go below bedrock, please apply this sql update. We opted for this not
to be automated because most people won't need it. It may take several minutes for very large datasets.

Older changelogs available at: