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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0



  • Added a full item name display system so you can see enchantments, custom names, and other meta data for all item-* actions
  • Added smart item grouping to lookup queries. Records with the exact same block/item, player, and action will be combined into a single record with a count of how many records there are. If for some reason you need to disable this for a query, use the new "-no-group" flag
  • Added proper tracking of written book titles and their authors (not yet tracking content)
  • Adding "k:" (keyword) parameter so you can keyword-search records. Mainly useful for command/chat logs

  • Changed inspection wand to only operate when you have nothing in your hand, so we don't interfere with block actions

  • Now logging (on by default) players throwing splash potions

  • Now logging (on by default) players filling buckets - lava, water, and milk
  • Now logging (off by default) players picking up XP (xp-pickup)
  • Now logging (off by default) players teleporting using portals and enderpearls
  • Now logging (off by default) sheep dye actions (entity-dye)
  • Now logging (off default) players enchanting items with an enchantment table
  • Now logging (off default) players crafting items on a crafting table
  • Now logging sign text on all block destruction actions so we can properly roll back text that we didn't record the placement of
  • Now logging and rolling back custom item names (given through anvils)

  • Fixed bug that did not restore a skull owner's name correctly

  • Fixed how rollbacks of block-place events treat items with different states (redstone torches, repeaters, lamps, etc)
  • Fixed item removals from furnace breaks not tracking
  • Fixed item rollbacks for dispensers

  • Minor config default values changes. Ignoring creative and flow events now off by default

  • Major rewrite of item tracking data format for a lot more flexibility (and consistency). Old data formats will be supported for a while
  • Rewrote how we parse time strings. Much cleaner, easier to manage, better at detecting syntax errors
  • Minor internal cleanup in preparation for releasing our API examples
  • Published a very basic example of using the Prism API

Older changelogs available at: